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The mutual fund symbol for DAL is FUNDX and for Rydex it is RYURX. These are seen onrepparttar Internet at or at your broker’s web site. Run out a 5-year weekly chart and put in a 40-week Moving Average. This is not complicated. If you have a problem ask your broker and print out both charts. Look atrepparttar 149232 RYURX chart and you will see thatrepparttar 149233 price ofrepparttar 149234 fund moves up throughrepparttar 149235 40-week moving average line on September 20, 2000. You buy this fund for $7.32. Forrepparttar 149236 next two years all your friends are losing their money and your fund is erratically moving up and up, Whenrepparttar 149237 price finally turns down belowrepparttar 149238 40-week moving average line you sell out on April 21, 2003 at $11.88 for a profit of $4.56 per share or 62%. The stock market went inrepparttar 149239 tank and you made money. Now you are in cash in a money market account andrepparttar 149240 next buy signal occurs a couple of weeks later as that upward moving 40-week moving average has started up and is penetrated byrepparttar 149241 FUNDX mutual fund price on May 5, 2003 at $22.88. As of this date (7/4/05) you are still holdingrepparttar 149242 shares now worth about $35.00 with an unrealized profit of 53%. In less than 5 years you are now ahead more than 148% (not counting taxes). If you have started with $10,000 in 2000 you would now have $24,880. If you haverepparttar 149243 discipline to follow this simple method using just 2 funds that are only invested one at a time you can become a millionaire. These are two forrepparttar 149244 money. Get ready – GO!

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Home loans: what you should know !

Written by Paul Heath

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A newer type of loan isrepparttar interest-only mortgage. It features some ofrepparttar 149231 lowest monthly payments you’ll find, but this comes at a cost. The payments are low forrepparttar 149232 first few years because you are not paying anything towardrepparttar 149233 loan principal, justrepparttar 149234 loan interest. This means you are not developing equity in your house, and whenrepparttar 149235 payments switch to a combination of interest and principal you will see your payment go up.

Summary Obtaining home loans can be intimidating at first, but with a little information and research you can better prepare yourself forrepparttar 149236 loan process. Start by knowing what’s in your credit report and correct any mistakes that appear. Think aboutrepparttar 149237 type of mortgage that will work best for you and check out several lenders who offer that type. If you’re not sure what kind of loan is your best option then ask potential lenders to make a suggestion. Take advantage of information resources at your local library, onrepparttar 149238 internet and in financial publications such as magazines and newspapers. With some time and effort you will be in a position to make an informed decision regarding a loan.

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