TR Cutler, Inc. to Start National PR Affinity Program in August 2005

Written by Thomas Cutler

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The 90-day campaign will drive traffic to a client's website, and increase product and company awareness, and quantify increased sales.

Most manufacturers companies have never conducted an aggressive public relations campaign," according to TR Cutler, president and CEO ofrepparttar firm. Based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, TR Cutler, Inc. now has 40 associates worldwide who strive to determine what is newsworthy inrepparttar 148529 manufacturing sector, draw media attention to manufacturers inrepparttar 148530 most favorable and truthful light, and provide case studies and feature profiles that help to illuminaterepparttar 148531 effectiveness ofrepparttar 148532 manufacturing sector in North America and worldwide.

The new TR Cutler, Inc. manufacturing affinity program was favorably profiled in PR Week on May 20, 2005: The print edition was included inrepparttar 148533 May 30, 2005 issue.

Thomas R. Cutler President & CEO TR Cutler, Inc. 954-486-7562/888-902-0300



Bill Gates: Battle Plan

Written by Seven

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Said Gates, "The day Sony launches [the new PlayStation], they walk right into Halo 3."

Unlikerepparttar original "Halo", which was onrepparttar 148476 epic flagship lineup forrepparttar 148477 original Xbox, Halo 3 will be a part of what Microsoft considers "the all important second-wave".

Will it be a death blow? Probably not. But rest assured, this move is throwingrepparttar 148478 console war into high gear. Sony Executives and stockholders have a lot to worry about, and inrepparttar 148479 coming months we should really see things heating up.

SEVEN is a mysterious and influential member of the Microsoft and Bungie Community. He has recently set up a Halo forum and a Halo 3 forum for members to discuss the latest bungie happenings.

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