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Some of these marketers actually tell you these are GOOD and EFFECTIVE marketing tips. Yes, these subject lines may getrepparttar reader to open it because they believe it is from a program they might have just signed up for or they think it is indeed a commission notification. But when they find out whatrepparttar 147743 email is really about, 9 times out of 10 they will delete it. Now, is that a good marketing tip?? Do you really think that a reader will actually go to your site and sign up under you when you tricked them into opening uprepparttar 147744 email inrepparttar 147745 first place?

You do not need to use these types of tactics to get traffic to your site, there are other HONEST ways to achieve that. If you are going to promote your opportunity, do it with taste.

I try to provide our own members with a Safe, Honest and Responsive way for anyone to promote their ads. This is our "Mission". Many other safelist owners are now demonstrating this same "Mission". We do this, because we CARE about all of our members and want to make sure their stay with us is an enjoyable one !

Always remember these words, they work inrepparttar 147746 marketing arena as well as everyday life..... HONESTY IS THE BEST POLICY. If you adhere to honest marketing ethics, then you will gain respect, admiration and SIGNUPS!!

They will KNOW they can depend on YOU!

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Pay Per Click versus “Organic” Search Engine Listings

Written by Justine Curtis, Enable UK

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3. Need Immediate Results A basic Pay Per Click campaign on Overture or Google can be up and running and driving visitors to your web site in a matter of hours. Significant improvement in organic rankings may take several months to achieve. If you require immediate results Pay Per-Click advertising will need to be your top priority.

4. Guaranteed Top Placement No-one can guarantee consistent, top organic listings for high volume key phrases in a competitive market sector. Search engines change their algorithms (indexing criteria) regularly and no one can control how or when sites are indexed, exceptrepparttar individual search engine itself. If you absolutely must guarantee consistent top placement on high-volume keywords in a competitive market sector, you will need to rely heavily on Pay Per Click advertising and have sufficient budget to fund it. Investigate current bid rates, can you afford top placement onrepparttar 147510 highest-volume words? If not, expand your keyword list beyondrepparttar 147511 most obvious and popular key phrases and advertise across a larger number of less popular, more specific and cost-effective phrases. Remember that most searchers enter two or three words to form a key phrase rather than a single word.

For a complete guide to setting up and managing your Pay Per Click campaign, download our guide: “Maximising Your Pay Per Click Campaign” read an excerpt here:

Ultimately, focus onrepparttar 147512 keywords that work best and achieverepparttar 147513 best conversion rates andrepparttar 147514 highest return on investment (ROI). For more detailed advice on how to measure your conversions and ROI, download our guide: “Measuring Success”, read an excerpt here:

5. A Need To Change Advert Content or Timing If you need to frequently changerepparttar 147515 content of your adverts, for example to promote particular products or to make seasonal offers, or if you want to be able to turn your advertising on and off, you will need to rely onrepparttar 147516 control and flexibility offered by Pay Per Click advertising.

6 Ad-Adverse Audience More Internet savvy search engine users recognise information that is displayed as a purchased advert and this limits its credibility. In this caserepparttar 147517 integrity associated with a high natural ranking is invaluable. If your target market is likely to be Internet wise (IT professionals, students, etc), optimisation should be your main focus.

The above guidelines will help you assessrepparttar 147518 relative priority of optimisation and Pay Per Click advertising, but how should you implement each method? Simultaneously or one at a time?

Generally speaking I would recommend that you startrepparttar 147519 Pay Per Click campaign slightly beforerepparttar 147520 optimisation of your web site. The immediacy of a Pay Per Click campaign will bring you visitors inrepparttar 147521 short term, and more importantly it will also allow you to measure what is (and is not) working on your web site; arerepparttar 147522 landing pages for your adverts converting your visitors, are you targetingrepparttar 147523 most effective keywords, etc.

Armed withrepparttar 147524 results of this testing you can optimise your web site effectively and avoid costly delays that occur while waiting for search engines to re-crawl newly optimised pages. Only when you are completely happy that your web site isrepparttar 147525 best it can be should you submit it torepparttar 147526 search engines.

When these organic listings start to bring visitors to your web site, you can re-evaluate you Pay Per Click spend. It may be that your ROI on these adverts is acceptable and you continue as is, or you may wish to reduce your advertising spend. A quick calculation on your conversion rates should give yourepparttar 147527 answer. For more information see our guide: “Measuring Success”, read an excerpt here:

Today, most marketers accept that web site optimisation for organic listings and Pay Per Click advertising is not an either/or proposition. For a well-rounded and effective search marketing campaign that reachesrepparttar 147528 greatest number of searchers, marketers should blend both natural and paid listings, capitalising on their complementary strengths and weaknesses.

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