Written by Val Burnett & Brenda Freeman

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Some of these marketers actually tell you these are GOOD and EFFECTIVE marketing tips. Yes, these subject lines may getrepparttar reader to open it because they believe it is from a program they might have just signed up for or they think it is indeed a commission notification. But when they find out whatrepparttar 101036 email is really about, 9 times out of 10 they will delete it. Now, is that a good marketing tip?? Do you really think that a reader will actually go to your site and sign up under you when you tricked them into opening uprepparttar 101037 email inrepparttar 101038 first place?

You do not need to use these types of tactics to get traffic to your site, there are other HONEST ways to achieve that. If you are going to promote your opportunity, do it with taste. Brenda and I try to provide our own members with a Safe, Honest and Responsive way for anyone to promote their ads. This is our "Mission". Many other safelist owners are now demonstrating this same “Mission”. We do this, because we CARE about all of our members and want to make sure their stay with us is an enjoyable one !

Always remember these words, they work inrepparttar 101039 marketing arena as well as everyday life..... HONESTY IS THE BEST POLICY. If you adhere to honest marketing ethics, then you will gain respect, admiration and SIGNUPS!!

They will KNOW they can depend on YOU!

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Let The Ads Go ...... And Keep The Internet Contents Cheap and Free

Written by Javed Akram

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What Will Happen if Advertisers Stop Spending Money on online Advertising:

When advertisers or sponsors do not get results or a good response, they will stop paying for advertisement. In result entrepreneur or business owners will not be able to give away or sell cheap their contents (Products and services) any more. This will cost us huge amounts of money and we will not be able to get free and cheap contents, which we atrepparttar moment getting because of these advertisers or sponsors.

We know nobody likes to receive or want to see a lots of popups, banners ads when they surfrepparttar 101035 net. If we would not wish to see these ads then at least we can give them respect. After all we would want people to read our paid ads and not block them without giving them a chance. Blocking ads is bad for everyone.

Letrepparttar 101036 ads go ........ and keeprepparttar 101037 internet contents cheap and free.


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