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Furthermore, an added feature such as an online dictionary is a great way to increase traffic to your site. Before adding a dictionary, consider which languages you wish to cater for. This is important if your web site has a lot of technical content and users need a quick and easy solution for looking up difficult terms and concepts.

I have provided a list of web sites below that offer such a service:

3) Using automated translators

In my humble opinion, using an automated translator isrepparttar absolute last resort! An automated translator today cannot accurately or effectively translate localised meanings, slang and grammar, but is acceptable if you only want to give your users a general idea of your web page's content.

Having a link to an automated translation service can also increase traffic to your web site. Unlike human translators, automated translators haverepparttar 134681 capacity to cater for multiple languages. In short, this is an affordable, all-round solution.

The most important developer of automated translators is surely SYSTRAN S.A. - - allows you to copy its automated translator interface and place it on your web page.

Of course it is possible to use a combination of all ofrepparttar 134682 above services - especially when your web site is large. Have your main pages translated by a human translator, and minor pages translated or available for translation by an online dictionary or automated translator service.

It is strategically important thatrepparttar 134683 first page users see is translated (or a link to a translated version available). This will ensure that foreign users will feel compelled to stay and browse your entire web site.

Paolo Risso is the General Project Manager of a team of Spanish and Italian free-lance translators. He is also the author of an on-line English-Italian Technical IT Dictionary ( Add our dictionary interface to your web page:

Awards Programs: Judging Sites

Written by Richard Lowe

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The criteria of "not under construction" is a little vague and could give you some trouble. All good sites are ALWAYS under construction. The web is a dynamic place and static, unchanging sites quickly die. Generally, this is interpreted to mean, "it's not obvious that your site is under construction". Signs which read "under construction" are virtually always an immediate flunk. Be careful withrepparttar criteria of "no broken links". Do you mean your going to check every single link on every page? That could be quite a task! Or do you mean only internal links - still, check them all could be a huge undertaking. Perhaps you just mean "everything that I click on works."

And that's how it works ... you look throughrepparttar 134680 site and compare it to each and every one of your criteria. Keep a checklist and mark passes and flunks (unless one flunk means "no award", in which case you don't need a list). Ifrepparttar 134681 site has too many flunks, it does not getrepparttar 134682 award.

All right, what do you do if you run across a site which meets your criteria but which you find morally reprehensible? It you subscribe torepparttar 134683 theory of ethical awards programs, you grantrepparttar 134684 award - and then you update your criteria. You could even adjust your criteria to say "no sites which are morally reprehensible to me" if you want. Or you could get more specific and say "No sites which promote animal cruelty".

Remember to think of your criteria as a sort of contract with people who submit their sites for awards. You are explainingrepparttar 134685 them what you are looking for. Presumably, they read your criteria and only submit their sites if they believe that they pass. (This is often not true - most award submitters really never readrepparttar 134686 criteria, but lack of ethics on one person's part does not imply that lack of ethics is okay).

Should you notifyrepparttar 134687 people who do not win your award? NEVER. Let me be fully and completely clear about this - NEVER UNDER ANY CONDITIONS, WHETHER REQUESTED OR NOT, SEND BACK CRITICAL COMMENTS TO ANYONE WHO HAS APPLIED FOR YOUR AWARDS PROGRAM. NEVER. After all, if you apply your criteria torepparttar 134688 letter it should be obvious whyrepparttar 134689 site didn't winrepparttar 134690 award - it didn't meetrepparttar 134691 criteria.

There is nothing more devastating to a webmaster than getting back critical comments, especially when those comments are not anticipated. It's one thing to be in a classroom environment and receive feedback, it's entirely a different matter to have a professional webmaster tell you your site is horrible or even thatrepparttar 134692 "navigation needs work".

Richard Lowe Jr. is the webmaster of Internet Tips And Secrets. This website includes over 1,000 free articles to improve your internet profits, enjoyment and knowledge. Web Site Address: Weekly newsletter: Daily Tips:

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