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Leaders know they canít make people happy. People have to take ownership and control of their own happiness. Leaders do not focus on personalities factors. At times,repparttar individual self-interests of a team member may be in opposition withrepparttar 138862 interests ofrepparttar 138863 group. Leaders concentrate on shared interests andrepparttar 138864 team goal. Consequently,repparttar 138865 driving force behind a team is a leader who treats team members with respect, while keepingrepparttar 138866 vision in mind. People are different and you have to treat people differently yet fairly.

Conclusion: Gaining a positive outlook.

The process of transitioning into a leadership position can be smoother if leaders can monitor and manage their outlook and perspective. Leadership training, education, tools, and systems are very important. However, withoutrepparttar 138867 right outlook, new and even veteran leaders will experience serious difficulties and unrest. Reflect and examine your own leadership attitude and perspective. Develop an intentional plan to work on areas that need improvement. Build your skills, and get a coach or mentor to help you. Be proactive, set goals, and track progress. Notice your behavior patterns. Donít take over a task when someone is just looking for your input. Be patient. Leadership training is a life-long development process. Donít be afraid to share your goals and vision with your team members. Positive change can occur with commitment and persistence.

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Make The Elephant Jump -- Leading With A Kind Heart

Written by Brent Filson

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To makerepparttar elephant jump -- not now and then but consistently, i.e., to lead people to consistently do great things -- deep, human emotional bonding between leader and people must take place. And fundamental to that bonding isrepparttar 138701 nature ofrepparttar 138702 heart ofrepparttar 138703 leader.

This isrepparttar 138704 secret: You can't getrepparttar 138705 elephant to jump unless you have a kind heart. Kindness in leadership means followingrepparttar 138706 Leadership Imperative: "I will lead people in such a way that we not only achieverepparttar 138707 needed results but they become better as leaders and people."

Most leaders focus onrepparttar 138708 first part "getting better results" and forget aboutrepparttar 138709 second part. But in truth, when you have a kind heart, getting results and helping people be better are not two things but one.

From now on, see every leadership challenge you face as a way of having people increase their knowledge, their skills, their courage, their tenacity, and their leadership abilities. Cultivating that perspective is a kindness.

But don't mistake kindness for being nice. Don't mistake kindness for having people simply feel good. Don't mistake kindness for allowing people to indulgerepparttar 138710 worst aspects of their character, laziness, inconsiderateness, selfishness, etc.

Furthermore, you may be kind and have people be frustrated with you. Many great leaders I've had relationships with got me frustrated as they had me go throughrepparttar 138711 trouble of tackling challenges I might not otherwise have tackled. (In fact, deep, human, emotional bonding cannot happen without a great deal of frustration.) But I was motivated despite my frustrations because I recognized that they essentially had my best interests at heart.

Yes, through skill, persuasiveness, understanding, forcefulness, education, and guidance, you can getrepparttar 138712 elephant to jump -- as long as you do it throughrepparttar 138713 kindness of your heart.

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