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Do you send out one ad, and stop at that? Of course not. Why? Because you know even if you get sales off of that ad, you have to keep sending that ad to different places to hit different people.

Do you build a downline and then quit advertising? Not if you want to keep your business growing! Stagnation=death inrepparttar business world. You NEVER sit back and rest on your laurels. You must continually use ALLrepparttar 101115 avenues available to you.

Microsoft is a big business. They bring in quite a lot of money every day. Bill Gates is a multi-billionaire. Do you see Microsoft not advertising? Why are they advertising? To get TRAFFIC! Why? Because traffic means sales! Do they expect every visitor to their website to buy? No! But they also know that some will return when they are inrepparttar 101116 market for Microsoft's products. If they hadn't seenrepparttar 101117 site, they wouldn't have known about it!

If they never see YOUR site, they will never think of you when they want what you offer! The more you get your offer known,repparttar 101118 betterrepparttar 101119 odds are they will think of YOU when they are inrepparttar 101120 market for what you sell.

Pamela Geiss owns LotsaPerks Advertising Agency. She has just published "The Successful Marketer" and specializes in getting traffic to websites. Visit her at, operating since 1997, leads with the best prices on the net

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