TRAFFIC GENERATION ~ The Number One Skill That Will Generate Cash Flow. (Part 2 of 3)

Written by Ron Hutton

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Ezine ads can be purchased at reasonable rates andrepparttar cost will vary from one ezine to another depending onrepparttar 140009 newsletter's circulation, track record of producing sales andrepparttar 140010 exposure that you'll get.

By exposure, what I'm referring to isrepparttar 140011 type of ad that you buy. Your options typically include solo ads, top sponsor ads, middle sponsor ads, bottom sponsor ads and classified ads. A solo ad is sent in an email with no other distractions. You get all ofrepparttar 140012 attention, and for this reason it's alsorepparttar 140013 most expensive form of ezine advertising. Top sponsor ads allow you between 5 and 8 lines of copy and are included in regular ezine issues nearrepparttar 140014 very beginning ofrepparttar 140015 newsletter. Middle sponsor and bottom sponsor ads will be similar to top sponsor ads withrepparttar 140016 exception ofrepparttar 140017 position withinrepparttar 140018 newsletter. And lastly, classified ads are usually shown in groups nearrepparttar 140019 end of a newsletter and arerepparttar 140020 lowest cost.

My personal opinion is not to advertise in ezines that you haven't subscribed to. If you're considering advertising in any particular ezine, subscribe to it and read it for a few weeks before spending any money there. That way you'll be able to get a feel forrepparttar 140021 value ofrepparttar 140022 content,repparttar 140023 kind of reader that will be interested inrepparttar 140024 publication and whether or notrepparttar 140025 advertising opportunity is a good one.

Here are a few sites where you can begin researching ezines that accept advertising:

There are only 2 ways to get traffic to your website: 1) Buy it. 2) Borrow it.

In part 3 of this series, we'll continue our thoughts on "(2) Borrow it" - traffic that is.

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Affiliate Marketing: The Easiest Business

Written by Benjamin Scott

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Affiliate programs can also offer an attraction to your website. When you participate in affiliate marketing, you give your readers another reason to visit your page and continue to return. They will come to associate you withrepparttar bigger affiliate names you are working with, increasing your credibility and esteem among people who surfrepparttar 140008 web. These companies want you to succeed because your success means continued success for them so they will offer you all ofrepparttar 140009 tools and support you need to succeed inrepparttar 140010 industry. You will benefit from years of experience as they continually refine programs and tools for your use to make them increasingly user friendly and effective. The affiliate marketing program concept is especially effective when you pair it with your own online business. Your affiliate banner or logo will not take much room or detract from your page, and will make you money while your page also appeals to other readers interests. This truly isrepparttar 140011 way to go to ensure your success inrepparttar 140012 online industry. Affiliate programs offer quick money and ensure that, even when your page has a slow day and does not make you much money, your site will continue to grow and be effective overall.

Benjamin Scott operates a successful internet business working from his home personal computer. Ben will take you by the hand and show you how to duplicate his success using the internet as a roadmap to financial freedom. Take a free course at

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