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Pictures not only preserved time, it can also tell a story. Looking at pictures, you get to think of what is happening there duringrepparttar time it was taken. Then you start making an order based fromrepparttar 145548 series of events. You make an ending of your own, depending onrepparttar 145549 series of pictures that you have seen. All this a person can do, by simply looking at pictures.

People should consider how fortunate it had been that they were born in this time when everything is ultra-modern. Get a recent picture and compare it with your parentsí. Changes are already recognizable in terms of texture, imagery and style. What started out as black and white has evolved into a wide range and variety of colors.

What would they think of next?

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The author got her flair for reading when she subscribed to the school newsletter when she was just in kindergarten. She got her first article published on that same newsletter in the third grade.

Fix Your Site With the Right Dogtype

Written by Chris P Bohn

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Dachshund - The dachshund is a long dog, also called a 'sausage dog' because of its shape. Use this Dogtype if you have one of those old sites that has everything onrepparttar site on one looooong single page. This page will carry on scrolling down forever as it loads. You knowrepparttar 145450 ones I mean. Scroll much further and you will probably find yourself in Australia. (Of course, if you live in Australia, then you will probably end up scrolling down to England. Life can be tough sometimes, can't it?) When I come across one of these sites I start to get really jittery as I watchrepparttar 145451 scrollbar shrink down to about one millimeter wide. My mouse is simply not engineered to be able to get hold of something that small!

Great Dane - Restricted Dogtype for websites in Denmark (near Norway, Europe). This Dogtype is expected to be of little significance to most webmasters inrepparttar 145452 rest ofrepparttar 145453 world.

Unfortunately none ofrepparttar 145454 current versions of IE are compatible with any of these new Dogtypes (except Mutt/Mongrel). So IE will render your pages in Quirks mode whether you use them or not. Other browsers handle Dogtypes correctly and it is anticipated that IE7 will do so too.

Web developers believe that ifrepparttar 145455 Dogtype declaration is included in major search engine listings it will be a big help to Web users everywhere. Surfers will be warned in advance whether a site uses lots of Flash, scripts or animations and can then decide whether or not to click on a link.

The above Dogtypes will all have a Strict and a Transitional version. The Transitional Dogtypes all allow forrepparttar 145456 use of deprecated squeaky pet toys. Unfortunately though, there are no plans for any ofrepparttar 145457 new Dogtypes to have a Frameset version.

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