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3) PROMOTE IT ! Once you have developed whatever it is that you intend to market onrepparttar internet. Develop a plan to promote it. Again this does require some work on your part, but as one old saying goes, "If this were easy, every one would be doing it !" There are any number of ways to promote your new business. Mailing lists, links, search engine submissions, ad swaps, Newsletters, e-zines, auto-responders, banners, ffa's, free classifieds, andrepparttar 101053 list goes on. Watch whatrepparttar 101054 "big boys" are doing successfully and learn to pattern your efforts after them. They didn't inventrepparttar 101055 wheel they are just turning it in a direction that benefits their business. Best of luck in all of your online efforts ! Best of luck in your promotional efforts !

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How Did You Get Here?

Written by Michael Hopkins

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However, when you analyze your statistics, you will have separate results for both links. That way you can determine how many people visited page1.htm and how many people visited page1.htm by clickingrepparttar link marked '?linka'.

You can use this to testrepparttar 101052 effectiveness of any or all of your links. For example, if you want to know how many people are arriving on your product page from your newsletter, your banner ad and your home page, you could set up your links as follows:

The link from your newsletter: www.yoursite.com/product.htm?newsletter The link from your banner on Yahoo: www.yoursite.com/product.htm?yahoobanner The link from your home page: www.yoursite.com/product.htm?home

When you analyze your visitor statistics you can clearly see how each of these links are performing and then act accordingly.

As there is no limit torepparttar 101053 amount of distinct links you can create, you can easily track all your links at no cost.

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