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Written by Victoria Elizabeth

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14. Screen. Mind. Both are blank.

15. Silence. A strangled modem forgets -- that it should blink.

16. Beholdrepparttar ego. It sits in glowing emptiness. Cursor be damned!

17. A dingbat flaps. Windows is crashing. Oh what a pity.

18. Dead PCs. Cube farms empty. Have you called 911 yet?

19. Morning spam. Harbinger of good and ill. "Norton" nixed them all!

20. He says a word. And I say a word. Upgrade chat to phrases.

21. Faceless 404 again. Lone pixel inrepparttar 118177 bit map. Welcome to 'Geekville'.

22. Ohrepparttar 118178 winds that blow - can you ask them - which file is next to go?

23. Alone, onrepparttar 118179 web. Where to now? Who moved my e-cheese?

24. A lightening flash across your screen. Windows closes. Dial 411 for Godot.

25. For love and for hate, I trap a bug. And offer it to Bill.

26. A golden bug. I hurl it intorepparttar 118180 darkness. Is "McAfee" working?

27. A dead Trojan Horse. And yet, isn’t there something remaining in it?

28. Adjust your browser. Sorry, settings are gone. Try another universe!

29. Darkened screens - become modern grapes of wrath - reaping bitter whine.

30. On my screen,repparttar 118181 frigging fish tank. Is that Tony Tuna I see?


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