Written by Irvin L. Rozier

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Goodbye wildcat...goodbye! I know I won't see you inrepparttar sky. When you die and are rotting away. The buzzards will take you away to stay. So gloat while you can, oh wildcat! Your end is coming, and that is that! Goodbye wildcat...Goodbye!

Irvin L. Rozier

Copyright 2004 Irvin L. Rozier

author, preacher, retired military

Create A Buzz

Written by Scott Hansgen

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Now although that story has nothing at all to do with music, it illustrates my point. They created a "buzz" about their product before they ever released it torepparttar market and it worked beautifully. The best thing was that it cost nothing to implement! However, you must remember this.......It must be used in such a way that folks don't realize it is a marketing campaign or it will never work!

What can you do, as an artist, to create a buzz about your latest CD? Something subtle so as not to tip folks off that it is a marketing strategy yet something that will arouse their curiosity. Something that will make people excited to tell others about it and will ultimately get you more attention. I once sang onrepparttar 125380 roof of a large building on main street in my town while raising money for a charity. Talk about getting attention!!

Put your thinking cap on and be creative. Think outsiderepparttar 125381 box for a bit. Think aboutrepparttar 125382 resources you already have available to you. Utilizerepparttar 125383 expertise from people already in your circle of friends. Think about things that others have done that you remember from your own experience that have got you talking. Word of mouth isrepparttar 125384 best publicity you can get!!

Scott is a musician, songwriter and partner in the "Indie World" website at

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