Written by Lon Lindsey

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Because of what has taken place overrepparttar past few years, leading withrepparttar 122613 business opportunity is a necessity, BUT only if it can be backed up with excellent products.

Let me provide you with three examples.

1. Suppose I approach you with this: "I've gotrepparttar 122614 best nutritional supplement product available onrepparttar 122615 market and because of that, you can make money" Feel free to substitute another product . . like ISP, web hosting, telephone service, etc. As a business seeker, does that excite you?

2. Now, suppose I approach you with this: "I've got this product that no one else has and I haverepparttar 122616 sole rights to it so we will berepparttar 122617 only ones able to market it. Because of that, you have a tremendous opportunity to make money." Understanding that it is hard to respond to such unless you know whatrepparttar 122618 product is,repparttar 122619 intrigue and power is inrepparttar 122620 fact that this company has exclusive rights to a unique product that no one else has.

3. Now suppose I approach you with this statement: "I have a business opportunity that has a compensation plan that is so powerful that you will make an excellent income in a very short period of time." Often timesrepparttar 122621 first question is "what isrepparttar 122622 product" butrepparttar 122623 real interest ofrepparttar 122624 network marketer is regardingrepparttar 122625 compensation plan.

For me,repparttar 122626 second example would be most powerful becauserepparttar 122627 thought of a product that people would want with my being associated withrepparttar 122628 only company in which they could get it from would seem to be a tremendous opportunity. The problem is, it seems such products either do not exist or they get copied so they are no longer a unique product or service. In fact, I've even heardrepparttar 122629 statement that "if we had a product no one else has or can produce, why would we need MLM to distribute it?" So although this second example may berepparttar 122630 most powerful ofrepparttar 122631 three examples, in reality it really doesn't exist inrepparttar 122632 MLM arena.

The third example is whererepparttar 122633 action is in todayís MLM arena. It all boils down to making money. Ifrepparttar 122634 product is good enough to promote notice . . I didn't sayrepparttar 122635 best . . .just good enough) and if people can make money promotingrepparttar 122636 compensation plan knowing they have good enough products to back them up, then that is what is attracting people to MLM.


The truth is there is no real loyalty in products. Loyalty is based on making money. When I say no real loyalty in products, I'm talking about if a person would use those products even if they didn't participate inrepparttar 122637 business opportunity. It is easy to be a loyal product user when starting a company and certainly when making money with that company, butrepparttar 122638 true test is whether a person will userepparttar 122639 products even when they are not making money. If people showed their loyalty to products even if they were not making money, more people would make money because people are consumingrepparttar 122640 product which isrepparttar 122641 basis of commission generation.


Another factor is changing habits of people. Forrepparttar 122642 most part, people go to stores and purchase products. That is a habit based on years of doing such. Changing ones habits require motivation to do so. Ifrepparttar 122643 motivation is based on making money rather than being really sold and loyal torepparttar 122644 products, then once a person decides he cannot make money based on that company/product and moves on to another, will he continue to use those products? I maintainrepparttar 122645 answer to that is "no" withrepparttar 122646 result being people going back to their old habits or moving on to another company and trying a different set of products. You see,repparttar 122647 name ofrepparttar 122648 game is making money . . .not promotingrepparttar 122649 best products. I've seen it time and time again . .. We haverepparttar 122650 best products money can buy, but only as long as I'm successfully building my business. All of a sudden,repparttar 122651 products seem not to berepparttar 122652 best products money can buy.


Itísrepparttar 122653 needs and dreams that dictate our actions. You see, we ] don't "need" to haverepparttar 122654 best products. We don't "need" to purchase products from a MLM company. We don't dream of being able to buy or sell products. Instead we have a need to make money. We have a dream to become financially independent. Itís our needs and dreams that motivate us to take action so what interests usrepparttar 122655 most is making money.


Based on that, it would seemrepparttar 122656 answer torepparttar 122657 question . . which comes first . . .Products orrepparttar 122658 opportunity . .repparttar 122659 answer is clearlyrepparttar 122660 opportunity . . .but more clearly,repparttar 122661 compensation plan. In other words, can I show you a compensation plan that will allow you to make money rather quickly, yet am backed up by good enough products to promote AND a company that is legitimate and stable?

The old companies, ofrepparttar 122662 past, that are trying to continue and grow based on their heritage and products, are not growing atrepparttar 122663 same rate as those companies that have developed state-of-the-art compensation plans. By state-of-the-art compensation plans, I'm talking about compensation plans that adequately rewardrepparttar 122664 beginner as well as lucratively rewardingrepparttar 122665 seasoned MLMer who builds a huge business organization. In other words,repparttar 122666 ideal compensation plan is one that will keeprepparttar 122667 beginner involved long enough to make money quickly so he will stick withrepparttar 122668 business and atrepparttar 122669 same time lucratively compensaterepparttar 122670 leaders for reaching leader levels inrepparttar 122671 compensation plan.

I've seen newer companies with state-of-the-art compensation plans generate more volume in one month than some ofrepparttar 122672 older companies with outdated compensation plans do in a full year. The rebuttal is usually "but our company won't go out of business while those new companies will probably be out of business within two to five years." There is some truth to that, but there are now companies that are 3 - 20 years old that have become stable growth companies with state-of-repparttar 122673 art compensation plans. It is now possible to align yourself to a company with a compensation plan that is stable enough to feel confident that they will be around forrepparttar 122674 long haul.

Lon Lindsey is publisher and editor of his own ezine called "The Master Networker . . The Art of Building A Business." For past informative articles on the network marketing industry and for future insights on network marketing, you can FREELY subscribe to The Master Networker by going to


Written by Dale Calvert

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No one knows whatrepparttar future holds. If their company ends up going out of business, or perhaps things don't work out as they had hoped, you are one step ahead ofrepparttar 122612 game! The relationship has already started!

If you sponsor 3 people out of 25 prospects, that is considered real strong inrepparttar 122613 cold market game. But that still leaves 22 people that you paid for in your lead generation efforts that wash away as waste--an added expense in building your business. The idea here is to find a way to turn those 22 into a small profit center that helps pay for your advertising cost onrepparttar 122614 front end!

Network marketing is full of tire kickers! People that are simply just curious. Think about it. I am certain that a large number of prospects who respond to your advertising campaigns, on and off line, are ALREADY INVOLVED IN MLM!

Lets look at this example, which is one of your typical advertising campaigns. Over a month period lets say you start your adverting campaign, on line, USA Today, a card deck, whatever.

Week #1 19 Prospects 2 Interested 6 not interested 11 already in MLM

Week #2 23 Prospects 4 Interested 9 not interested 10 already in MLM

Week #3 37 Prospects 8 Interested 6 not interested 23 already in MLM

Week #4 22 Prospects 2 Interested 8 not interested 12 already in MLM

After 4 weeks you have generated 101 prospects. 56 are already involved in Network Marketing.

What if you sharerepparttar 122615 MLM Marketing Center with them, and only 10 of them, less than 20% decided to take advantage of your personal recommendation! You have just added $50 to your monthly advertising budget! That is six hundred dollars forrepparttar 122616 year.

Here isrepparttar 122617 unique part, you haverepparttar 122618 possibility of adding $50repparttar 122619 next month, andrepparttar 122620 month after andrepparttar 122621 month after. Within a relatively short period of time you could create a $100, $200, $500 or more MONTHLY ADVERTISING BUDGET!

What would that do for your business?

Dale Calvert is a twenty year network marketing veteran and founder of The MLM Marketing Center. His sale through rate at the MLM Marketing Center has been an astonishing 23%! Most experts agree that if you convert 2% of people who visit into have a winner! Find out how you can be part of his success by visiting the Center at:

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