Written by Chris Bradford

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What happens when you go to a church you are not already a member of?

You walk inrepparttar door and are immediately approached by people welcoming you torepparttar 127327 service. They are warm, friendly, and not overly pushy. But, they let you know they are happy there and they feel you will be too.

They talk to you about your possible involvement, and how you will fit into their organization. They will often even offer you a position on a committee or some other area of responsibility, to draw upon your ego and encourage you joining.

After you join, it is almost certain you will be offered a position of responsibility. This is to get you involved, to make you feel needed and obligated to participate, and, of course, to draw off your ego.

You are invited to functions to socialize withrepparttar 127328 members. This helps you develop relationships with other members, creating a new circle of friends with whom you will want to spend your time, and making it more difficult for you to leaverepparttar 127329 flock.

Don't misunderstandrepparttar 127330 purpose of this article. I am not belittling churches, I admire them for not only for their marketing abilities and what they add torepparttar 127331 community, but forrepparttar 127332 hope they offer their members, of which I am one. But, if we want to be successful with our marketing efforts, who better to emulate than one ofrepparttar 127333 greatest marketing organizations in history, your local church.

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"5 Selling Tips -- To Increase Your Sales"

Written by Bob Leduc

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One way is to create special web pages for prospects in each market you target. Customizerepparttar content of each to appeal to prospects in that group. Then add a link to each of these special pages on your home page.


Marketers often describe their product or service with words like, "It's fast, easy and inexpensive". But a specific description of how fast, how easy and how inexpensive will generate more sales.

For example, a general statement like, "Our clients get more sales", is dull. It won't produce sales. Replace it with a specific statement like, "Most of our new clients enjoy at least a 17 percent sales increase inrepparttar 127326 first month". This statement creates excitement. It motivates prospects to sign up now so they can start enjoying that 17 percent increase in THEIR sales.


Customers usually buy on impulse, not logic. They base their buying decision on how they feel about your product or service. Get them excited about using your product or service and you'll increase your sales.

Revise your ads, sales letters and web pages to dramatize repparttar 127327 emotional rewards your customer will experience when using your product or service. Use vivid word pictures to help them imagine themselves already enjoying those benefits. For example, a financial planner could describe what it feels like to enjoy an affluent lifestyle without debt.

Each of these 5 selling tips will help you increase your sales. They produce immediate results. And they won't cost you anything to implement.

Bob Leduc is a Sales Consultant with 30 years experience in generating low-cost leads. He recently wrote a manual for small business owners, "How to Build Your Small Business Fast With Simple Postcards", and several other publications to help small businesses grow and prosper. For more info: Email: Subject: "Postcards" Phone: 702-658-1707 After 10 AM Pacific Time/Las Vegas, NV

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