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Now, consider how these same smart search engine robots think when they stumble across a Link Directory where allrepparttar links are related to one central theme. The links listed in these directories are websites that match each other in themes withoutrepparttar 125152 threads ofrepparttar 125153 cancerous growth of link disorder infringing into it. The difference is like night and day, organization over disarray. Hundreds or thousands of links, all nicely organized on hundreds of keyword-tuned pages. Resonant Keyword patterns throughout each page, usingrepparttar 125154 embedded keywords you selected as your themes. These are used inrepparttar 125155 meta tags, titles, text, and most importantly,repparttar 125156 page's URL address. Add to each page repparttar 125157 hundreds of listings which include those same keywords again and again in each theme site's URL address, title, description and comment and perhaps banner image URL address. These are very good pages to find for a search engine robot. Order against chaos.

The Altavista search engine on its Link Popularity page,,says in part:

It values: "Pages that serve as good hubs, with lots of links to pages that that have related content (topic similarity, rather than random meaningless links such as those generated by link exchange programs intended to generate a false impression of "popularity")."

The problem, as I see it, is that uninformed webmasters may start shying away from links of any kind. Can you imagine repparttar 125158 Internet without links? All because of misinformation. It would berepparttar 125159 end ofrepparttar 125160 Internet as we know it today. If we don't informrepparttar 125161 public on how to properly obtain and use Reciprocal Links andrepparttar 125162 dangers of using these Links-for-All pages, every webmaster onrepparttar 125163 net will pay for it.

One great free program to create theme based link pages is Zeus. Read about it at

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How To Get Listed In Open Directory Project, The First Time!

Written by Skip Akers

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Eliminaterepparttar "We" terminology. Example, instead of "We offer widgets", say "Offering widgets" or "Offers widgets". The idea here is thatrepparttar 125151 "We" implies thatrepparttar 125152 Open Directory offersrepparttar 125153 product or service, instead ofrepparttar 125154 company represented.  

Some editors will let this one pass.

Don't try to work in all of your keywords. It usually comes out sounding like promotional copy.

Use your page's most powerful keywords or phrase, but keep it toned down. Your first goal is to get listed and show-up on a search for your main keyword or phrase.

Let your site dorepparttar 125155 selling. Keep in mind that...

Although keywords are important for search engines that use Open Directory Project listings in their search results, keywords are not as important at Open Directory Project. A good description of whatrepparttar 125156 content of your site represents is most important here.

Don't try to get too cute!

If an editor see something like, "Providing a home based business opportunity where you learn how to sell online and make money onrepparttar 125157 net from selling onrepparttar 125158 web."

The editor might simply reword your copy to read, "Provides income earning potential." So give your site description plenty of thought.


Generally, links are a good thing. They show that your site can relate torepparttar 125159 rest of cyberland. However, they must work! Broken links may cause you not to get listed inrepparttar 125160 directory.

Special Note:

Most editors will not list a site if it only has affiliate type click-throughs. If all or most of your links are paid click-throughs, your site will probably not get listed. What they look for primarily isrepparttar 125161 affiliate's ID number inrepparttar 125162 link.

This is a dead give-away thatrepparttar 125163 link is a paid click-through. A good way to get around this problem could be to submit a high content second-generation gateway page as your index.

How to Submit:

Do a search in Open Directory Project for your best keywords or phrases.

Verify thatrepparttar 125164 returns are suitable for your site's placement. - Experiment with your search terms! Sometimesrepparttar 125165 best fit is a secondary search term that will get you listed higher on a search. In other words, checkoutrepparttar 125166 competition for your placement. It will pay you great dividends.

Findrepparttar 125167 highest level category that's suitable for your listing.

Then go for it!

You will notice that most ofrepparttar 125168 higher level categories don't have sites listed. - Drill down, if necessary to findrepparttar 125169 right one. Click onrepparttar 125170 "add URL" link atrepparttar 125171 top ofrepparttar 125172 page inrepparttar 125173 category where you want to be listed.

Be sure to have a pre-written "URL", "Title" and "Description" ready. - This is too important to wing-it! Use "notepad" or a "text editor" and be sure to spell-check!

More and more, search engines like Netscape, Lycos, HotBot, AOL and others are using Open Directory or some variation of it to add to their search results. The exposure received, by getting listed in Open Directory Project, makes it well worth your time and effort to prepare your entry properly.


Once you have submitted your site, as mentioned earlier, it can take a few weeks to get listed. Remember to write down and keeprepparttar 125174 date submitted and category submitted to in a safe place for easy reference.

If after about 4 weeks your site has not been listed, send a cordial note via email torepparttar 125175 category's editor, inquiring aboutrepparttar 125176 status of your listing. You will findrepparttar 125177 Category Editor's name(s) atrepparttar 125178 bottom ofrepparttar 125179 page of your selected category. Click on one ofrepparttar 125180 names listed to discover their email address. In your note, ask them whether or not there is a problem you need to correct. You will probably not get a direct response back. However, you would at least have gottenrepparttar 125181 editor's attention and maybe this will expedite getting listed.

In your note torepparttar 125182 editor, be sure to include your site's URL, date submitted andrepparttar 125183 category to which you submitted.

If there is no editor assigned to your selected category, then sendrepparttar 125184 inquiry torepparttar 125185 first available editor inrepparttar 125186 closest, higher category that does have an editor assigned.

Wait one or two more weeks, and if you still are not listed, re-submit.

Getting listed inrepparttar 125187 Open Directory is very important and do-able!

Just followrepparttar 125188 guidelines and you'll be fine. 

Best regards,

Skip Akers

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