Written by Steven Croson

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There is a biblical quote that goes something like this.. "If a man asks you to walk with him one mile, walk with him two..." andrepparttar rest ofrepparttar 102090 story has it that you will personally reaprepparttar 102091 benefits of 'going another mile.' If you are a person who DOES instead of SAYS, and especially if you are willing to go another mile, you are well on your way to success.

Here is whererepparttar 102092 majority ofrepparttar 102093 people inrepparttar 102094 world fail. They think, they plan, they sit around and talk, but they do not TAKE ACTION. Are you going to be likerepparttar 102095 rest, or are you going to go a step forward? Say no more -- DO!

Finally, I would add to these three keys to success one more, without whichrepparttar 102096 other three are difficult, if not impossible: ATTITUDE. Most people do not believe in themselves enough to make things happen. They think that success is only reserved forrepparttar 102097 'successful.' Quite simply, that's not true. By knowing that you CAN and you WILL be successful - in business and in life -- nothing can stand in your way.

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Written by James McCoy

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Or a technical one if you are so inclined. If they can't or won't explainrepparttar work to your satisfaction, look elsewhere.


Have you ever noticed that very FEW car repair shops offer you a list of satisfied customers? It's very important to ask around BEFORE they have your car in their possession. You can callrepparttar 102089 Better Business Bureau orrepparttar 102090 local Chamber of Commerce. In most cases they will know who to avoid. If you are at home call your friends and ask them who they use or who NOT to use. Remember, information is power.


Here's a tip that almost all car repair customers miss. Make them SHOW yourepparttar 102091 parts they replaced. Unless you can seerepparttar 102092 old, broken or worn parts you will never know if they needed replacing. Protect yourself with this technique and you will avoidrepparttar 102093 most common ripoff of all; saying parts have been replaced when they simply have not.

By followingrepparttar 102094 advice above you will leaverepparttar 102095 house with a sense of confidence that if something DOES go wrong, you know what to do. And that isrepparttar 102096 ultimate weapon to protect yourself against any scam....

Whether it be to your car, or for your online business!

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