Written by Greg Beckemeier

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Here's a fact. Food, especially donuts, are a powerful selling tool


10) Your name is associated with a pleasant experience 9) It will be remembered for days after you have been there 8) You can bring it as often as you like 7) By giving to them they feel an obligation to give to you 6) Your card onrepparttar box acts as a silent sales rep all day long 5) You're always welcome, they look FORWARD to seeing you 4) It costs much less than lunches out or sporting event tickets 3) It's not yet another coffee mug to clutter up their offices 2) It gets you throughrepparttar 124500 front door 1) The number one reason is .........."The water cooler effect".

Here's howrepparttar 124501 water cooler effect works. YOU will now have access torepparttar 124502 inner sanctum where you meet people who influencerepparttar 124503 purchase of what you are selling and seem to become one of them. You are their ally, not an adversary. This positions you to berepparttar 124504 first person they think of when they have a need for what you sell.


Greg Beckemeier is an innovator who has created dozens of designer donut boxes to make it easier for you to get close to important prospects and clients. To see his many designs visit his website today at

Getting the Word Out...Offline

Written by Jackie Ulmer

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Business Cards - A well designed business card can spreadrepparttar news like wild fire, if you getrepparttar 124499 word out. Develop some "sizzle cards" that contain very little information. Just your web site address, and a catch phrase or slogan, and maybe an appealing graphic. In this case remember, less is definitely more! When you are out and about, hand one to everyone you meet.

Press Releases/Offline Articles - Another very effective, no-cost method of advertising your business and web site. Most newspapers are looking for small "filler" articles that can fit intorepparttar 124500 white spaces of their newspaper. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Give it a shot. Remember, ifrepparttar 124501 paper prints your release or article, it's almost an implied endorsement inrepparttar 124502 readers mind!

Advertising - Let's not forgetrepparttar 124503 power of offline advertising for getting those business prospects online! Shop around for specials on running your ad more than once. In advertising,repparttar 124504 customer must see your ad as many as 9 times before they will buy.

I hope that gives you some ideas on ways to getrepparttar 124505 word out while you are Offline. Think about where your business prospects work, play, go to relax, etc. Then, target an offline campaign that will find them and compel them to "Dial Up" and check you out!

Jackie Ulmer, a veteran Home Based Business Owner, has coached and trained thousands of representatives both inside and outside of her sales organization. One of her primary goals is to help others succeed. She can be reached through her web site at Subscribe to her FREE newsletter by email to

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