Written by Arleen M. Kaptur

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Everyone builds up a “front” so to speak. It isrepparttar image that we want others to see because we are not exactly proud of who we believe we are. Truthfully, if you takerepparttar 123876 time to go through everything that your particular life has thrown at you, did you really do so bad? Would someone else have handled things differently? Maybe, but if you didrepparttar 123877 best you could at that particular moment, then put it onrepparttar 123878 shelf in your soul that is marked “The Past”. Here isrepparttar 123879 final resting place for all those endeavors and efforts that were, and will never be again.

Why have a shelf like this at all? Well, there is a lot of knowledge and experience sitting on these shelves. Whether good or bad, they did have a big hand in shaping and moldingrepparttar 123880 person you are. Face them, thank them for their input, and walk away.

Your prime concern should be that bright, sparkly shelf calledrepparttar 123881 present. It is so clean and new and there is not a mark on it. Dust never gathers here and hope keeps it in perfect condition. Here is where major changes take place, and destiny awaits. Challenges will always be there, but insight and inspiration are willing to help. Imagination has a major role and character reigns supreme.

Change can occur andrepparttar 123882 shape and scope of it is entirely up to you. You are alone when you stand atrepparttar 123883 door of your heart and no one else hasrepparttar 123884 privilege of changing anything here. They may have influence and input, but can never actually makerepparttar 123885 change. Onlyrepparttar 123886 heart will challengerepparttar 123887 soul and both will be reflected inrepparttar 123888 eyes. Start withrepparttar 123889 heart, and seerepparttar 123890 difference inrepparttar 123891 soul. Amazement will be your delight when you look intorepparttar 123892 mirror each morning and seerepparttar 123893 clearness, brightness and beauty start shining through. The face looking back at you with be delighted with life and be glad to haverepparttar 123894 pleasure of knowing you.

So stand tall and proud, change what you can, work at it daily, and don’t ever be afraid of looking in that mirror again. Courage and determination are holdingrepparttar 123895 paint brushes andrepparttar 123896 colors are yours to choose. ENJOY ! ©Arleen M. Kaptur 2002 June 1

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A Hobby As A Release

Written by Josh Hinds

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So much as we'd like more, we're only given 24 hours a day. Ultimately it will be up to you to give yourself this quality time. I do hope that you'll choose to do so. You deserverepparttar benefit of relaxation that having such a hobby can give you.

I truly believe that when we find happiness and enjoyment in something, we in turn find a moment of peace within ourselves. Needed peace fromrepparttar 123875 hectic times in our everyday lives. Keeping yourself working on something you enjoy also gives your subconscious mindrepparttar 123876 time to work throughrepparttar 123877 problems that might be occurring in your life. In a nutshell it's a chance to become refreshed.

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