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Then there isrepparttar problem of some email programs that do not support HTML. Just because yours does, doesn't mean that mine does. DO NOT assume that everyone can read HTML e-mail just because you can. Consider, too, that not all email readers will display your HTML inrepparttar 124373 same way. It may not lookrepparttar 124374 way you think it does.

Some newsletter publishers give their subscribersrepparttar 124375 option of receiving plain text or HTML. This is all well and good, however, it seems to me that it would be twicerepparttar 124376 work for repparttar 124377 already overworked editor to formatrepparttar 124378 same newsletter twice. Maintaining two lists of subscribers would also become a burden.

Whatsrepparttar 124379 point in making your newsletter look just like your website? Why bother withrepparttar 124380 newsletter? Just send 'em to your website and be done with it.

What makes a newsletter good? Simplicity, readability, full of content thatrepparttar 124381 reader wants, and a lack of flashing glitz. Keep it simple, and keep your subscribers.

windsong is the editor/publisher of six newsletters. One of them is All About E-Zines:

Easy Steps to Creating Your Very Own Ezine

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When typing in your text you need to keep your line length at 65 characters per line and hit a hard return atrepparttar end of each and every line. This is imperative. If you allowrepparttar 124372 words to wrap automatically,repparttar 124373 ezine your readers receive may have lines chopped off mid sentence and will look terrible. By usingrepparttar 124374 hard return you'll be ensuring that your newsletter will be readable and attractive inrepparttar 124375 majority of email clients. Never type your ezine in all caps as this is equivalent to screaming.


I highly recommend you write at least one original article a month for your newsletter; more if you can. It's OK to include work by others on an occasional basis or for filler, but your ezine will carry more weight if you takerepparttar 124376 time to write your own material.

When you do need outside content, here are some excellent sources:

You may also download this free e-book "400 Articles You Can Use in Your Ezine" at You'll also find two other very handy ebooks for publishers atrepparttar 124377 above site you may want to download as well.

Another idea for getting original articles to reprint in your ezine is to go to Egroups and subscribe to article announcement lists like this one:

These will supply you with a steady stream of new articles you can publish.

Don't forget to visit this site which is a fantastic resource for online publishers:

As you can see, there are many online sources that exist solely forrepparttar 124378 purpose of helping ezine publishers succeed. Withrepparttar 124379 massive amount of information available to you, there's really no reason you haven't started your own ezine. So come on, what are you waiting for? Your Net fame awaits!

Well, that wraps up formatting and where to get great free content. In Part 3 of this article we'll move on to growing your subscriber base and selling ad space in your publication.

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