Written by Gary Shawkey

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Next, takerepparttar top 10 names onrepparttar 132686 list and inrepparttar 132687 next five days take a concrete step that moves you toward doing business with them. Maybe they need more information about what you do. After you have finished withrepparttar 132688 top 10 move on torepparttar 132689 next 10 until you reachrepparttar 132690 end ofrepparttar 132691 list. During this process be sure and look carefully for LIKE MINDED people. Once you have completed this process a time or two you will notice thatrepparttar 132692 size of your community has grown. Expect it to grow morerepparttar 132693 more effort you put in.


How can a community of like minded individuals help you? If you get nothing more from this experiment than developing a group of contacts that can help you evaluate opportunities and give you HONEST feedback you will be way ahead ofrepparttar 132694 game. If, however you persevere and find that community of like minded people, you will reaprepparttar 132695 rewards for years to come.

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Can We Make Sense Of The Senseless?

Written by John Colanzi

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He was givenrepparttar freedom in our Capitalist society to start a business, which still stands today and is run by my father.

These arerepparttar 132684 principles Ben Laden andrepparttar 132685 terrorists were attacking. Not justrepparttar 132686 people and property of America. They coldly and calculatedly were attackingrepparttar 132687 hopes and dreams we stand for.

They are not crazy. They are not religious. No true Muslim, believes inrepparttar 132688 killing ofrepparttar 132689 innocent.

They are not just anti-American, they are anti everything America stands for. We wererepparttar 132690 last bastion of tranquility inrepparttar 132691 world.

We wererepparttar 132692 last place on Earth considered safe by every free thinking human on Earth.

That's why they sang God Bless America acrossrepparttar 132693 globe yesterday. That's why a woman in France said everyone is an American today.

America is not just it's physical boundaries. It's not just it's people. It's a mind set. It'srepparttar 132694 hopes and dreams of so many who've never even set foot on our shores.

With all our blessing comesrepparttar 132695 responsibility to go forward and to keeprepparttar 132696 "Great Experiment" alive.

We are here to stay and all we ask is "Don't Tread On Me."

God Bless America and God Bless everyone aroundrepparttar 132697 globe who were Americans yesterday.

God Bless

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