Written by Dr. Scott Brown, Ph.D.

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As investors we really have only one question as we start our day and that is which guide we elect to follow. If you choose to followrepparttar ego then your day will be dark and fearful. This will be so even when you experience financial windfalls inrepparttar 151048 stock market, bond market, futures market, or real estate market. If onrepparttar 151049 other hand you followrepparttar 151050 collective consciousness then your day will be filled with happiness, joy, and peace as you become one with all you do. I wish yourepparttar 151051 great abundance in your life you deserve because of what you are and don’t forget that happiness is found only inrepparttar 151052 precious present moment!

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Written by Steve Bohler

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Let’s look at Jeff again. When he tookrepparttar Highlands Ability Battery, it revealed that he (a) was above average spatially, (b) had a high rate of Idea Flow, (c) was a Specialist, (d) had a high aptitude for Classification and (e) had only an average aptitude for Concept Organization. He didn’t know it, but that combination spelled “frustration” for any programmer.

•A high score onrepparttar 150801 spatial relations visualization scale meant that Jeff needed to either work with objects or feel a sense of affecting objects andrepparttar 150802 “real world”. Writing software code was too ethereal and abstract for Jeff’s brain.

•As a specialist, Jeff preferred being able to identify a body of knowledge and then attempt to master it and be recognized as a master of it. Programming was too “obscure,” too generalized.

•Having a high rate of idea flow is great for a comedian or teacher or a writer, but if you’re in a career that involves long projects and endless details, it’s an ability you won’t be using.

•And even though Jeff’s high ability in diagnostic reasoning is great for debugging programs,repparttar 150803 logical requirements ofrepparttar 150804 coding trade demand a higher level of analytical reasoning than he had.

The end result was FRICTION. A mismatch betweenrepparttar 150805 person and his job that Jeff might have avoided if he’d chosen to be a systems administrator instead of a software developer. A systems administrator needs to be good at hands-on work, needs to develop expertise in a specific subject area, finds himself mostly taking on short-term tasks with concrete results and using his diagnostic reasoning skills as a systems troubleshooter.

Once Jeff saw howrepparttar 150806 discord between software development and his inborn strengths and needs wasrepparttar 150807 root of restlessness,repparttar 150808 decision to switch to another field was easy.

“I felt like a 10-ton weight had been lifted off of me,” Jeff says. “Knowing thatrepparttar 150809 cause of my aggravation had beenrepparttar 150810 poor job fit, I was able to rid myself ofrepparttar 150811 guilt I felt. I was so optimistic aboutrepparttar 150812 future.”

So findrepparttar 150813 work that uses your unique traits and talents. You’ll feel as comfortable and at home as a frog in its pond or monkey inrepparttar 150814 jungle.

By, Steve Bohler, MS, JCTC Founder and Head Career Coach of the Oxford Program To learn more about what you should be doing with your life, and to subscribe for FREE to the Oxford Program Cool Career Bulletin, go to:

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