Written by Maryan Bridge

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Be involved onrepparttar Net. The most efficient way to make new contacts is overrepparttar 119103 Internet. There are thousands of chats, newsgroups and forums out there. Almost certainly there are some on YOUR topic. Get inrepparttar 119104 swim and meet new people.


Develop credibility. Here we go giving before we get again. While inrepparttar 119105 chats and onrepparttar 119106 forums answer EVERY question that you can. Don't answer if you don't know. But if you DO know, make your voice heard often. Be sure and let them know how to reach you and, over time, they will.


Be in forrepparttar 119107 long haul. If you are not building relationships forrepparttar 119108 long haul, people will sense that and back away. Let people know that even though many things may change overrepparttar 119109 years, you won't.

If you begin with these five basics you will start to develop your own network of contacts that, over time, will mean you may NEVER HAVE TO FIND PROSPECTS AGAIN. The math is straightforward. Each contact you develop who shares even one person with you is opening you up to not 1, but 250 other potential prospects.

Remember to be honest and up front about your intentions and YOUR network of contacts will grow up to produce a bumper crop.

Maryan Bridge has used the principles here to make her business a success. You can too. To contact Maryan visit her website today at and see how professional networking has worked for her.

How Many Wolf Tickets Have You Bought Lately?

Written by Edward Thorpe

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Look at allrepparttar Free Bonus Stuff you'll get. The wolves croon... After all, wouldn't this Free junk ( I mean, These Fabulous, Marvelous, Life-Changing Bonuses) cost you more than what you're buying!

How can you lose with my no questions asked, money-back guarantee? The wolves ask sweetly.

Ahh. The money-back guarantee? Why doesn'trepparttar 119102 guarantee take away their profits. If they're selling junk?

Simple. They understand people. They know why you buy. They know you can't tell useless fromrepparttar 119103 useful. Even better, you'll wait too long to make a return. It's a fact that with info productsrepparttar 119104 vast majority of buyers don't look pastrepparttar 119105 first few pages.

Thenrepparttar 119106 scammers, uh, wolves, putrepparttar 119107 pressure on you. They appeal to your emotions of loss, fear and greed. Remember, they know people.

The tactic they use?

The old take-away. One ofrepparttar 119108 slickest trick inrepparttar 119109 book.

They make their offer sound too good to be true. But before you can dwell on that... They take their offer away. They trot outrepparttar 119110 old time limit gimmick. Goes something like this.

But you can only get this deal - if you buy today! You only get my personal help if you buy now. Or they userepparttar 119111 -- specials are only good if you buy by Midnight... Buy, buy Baby.

IF you're an internet newbie. If you're an inexperienced business person. If you're atrepparttar 119112 end of your rope. If you're desperate. If you're looking for a mentor.

You'll buy. Yes you will. You don't know better, yet. And you've been played like a piano. So you buy.

Yep. That old wolf, all gussied up to look like a rubber tree, done got your trust, your money and that wolf's done gone.

That rascal done sold you a Wolf Ticket. And you didn't even get taken out to dinner first...

Buy, buy Baby. By, By.

Edward Thorpe, The Laziest Dude on the Internet, publishes The Home Grown Biz Advocate. Smart, funny and candid Home Biz Opp selling tips, tricks & free help. Get yours at

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