Written by Rosanne Cohen

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For me,repparttar "in between", was 3 years ago when I learned how to turn on my computer. Just trying to imagine being on line, starting a business and trying to make money, was something I could not even fathom let alone be a part of. But now 3 years later I viewrepparttar 117926 "in between" a totally new way. It's still scary and I still make mistakes ( some whoppers!!!) but I have a whole new confidence and energy that I never had before.

I've learned it's ok to ask questions...many many questions, evenrepparttar 117927 silliest ones! I've learned that there are some pretty terrific people out there in this "computer land" that are more than willing to help you on your journey and I've learned that eventually everything does make sense!

So if you're just coming on line, starting a new business, joining a new program, creating a new website, or even starting your own newsletter, don't be afraid ofrepparttar 117928 " in between." Just remember to stay focused, don't get discouraged, have faith in yourself, ask lots of questions and you will see thatrepparttar 117929 dreaded "in between" will take care of itself.

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Do You Suffer From Untilitis?

Written by Martin Avis

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For example, when I was dithering over whether to launch BizE-zine, I wrote downrepparttar following header:

'I want to launch an email newsletter dealing with practical matters pertaining to business, internet market and personal development. It will be published weekly to opted-in subscribers.'

Under it, here are some ofrepparttar 117925 'demon-thoughts' I listed - and my conscious rebuttals:

1. I will have to build a web site.

And why is that a problem? I have worked in marketing, both online and off, written more copy and designed more ads than I care to remember. No, it wont be a problem - it will be fun.

2. I don't have any subscribers.

Do you think any ofrepparttar 117926 thousands of e-zines out there started out with huge subscriber lists? Of course not! So you'll start small - doesn't mean you have to stay small. After all, you do understand marketing, don't you.

3. People might think I'm crazy?

I am, so they won't be surprised, will they.

4. Or I might look like a fool.

What is worse - to look a fool to other people for trying to do something, or to look a fool to yourself for not. In any case, if people don't like what I write they can always unsubscribe.

5. Will it cost me a lot of money?

The Internet is stillrepparttar 117927 closest thing to a free lunch. Sure I might have to spend a little, but only as much as I want, when I want. It certainly isn't going to be a significant drain on resources. Besides, I can afford it.

6. Will it take up too much time?

This isrepparttar 117928 unknowable. So how about this. I will schedule in a set number of hours each week that I know I can devote to it. Then I can review it as time goes on.

You can see from my own small example, that it is only by understanding allrepparttar 117929 obstacles that your demon is dreaming up that you can get past them. Of course, some ofrepparttar 117930 obstacles may be real. Your demon may be truly trying to protect you from something that you hadn't consciously seen. This method will help you find that real problem and perhaps even deal with it.

The voice inside our minds is not so much an evil monster trying to stop us from acting at all, rather it is a benign old watchdog who is scared of its own shadow.

Even an old dog can learn new tricks.

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