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Using this valuable technique, I copyrepparttar instructions on how to copy a file. (I'm a lot more comfortable with hard copy in one hand while I hitrepparttar 109466 wrong keys withrepparttar 109467 other.) (In a future article I'll describe some ofrepparttar 109468 experiences I've had withrepparttar 109469 Alt key.)

Instructions in hand, I try to copyrepparttar 109470 file/book. Unfortunately,as I found outrepparttar 109471 next day,repparttar 109472 instructions were written for PKzip while I have Winzip. But 30 minutes later,mostly due to hesitancy and gaseous dog phobia, I end up with a good copy ofrepparttar 109473 book by followingrepparttar 109474 instructions within Winzip.(I really don't know how it happened asrepparttar 109475 memory is very blurred.)

A word of caution to members ofrepparttar 109476 tribe of Stupidman who are readingrepparttar 109477 book. Chapter 3 is very technical and full of alphabet soup. If you are like me you will be less stressed if you readrepparttar 109478 last screen of Chapter 3 (the material inrepparttar 109479 yellow box) before you readrepparttar 109480 rest ofrepparttar 109481 chapter. (It's ok to do this,it's not like readingrepparttar 109482 last page of a mystery when you are inrepparttar 109483 middle ofrepparttar 109484 book.)

Coming Soon: Stupidman Brands,Sends Email Attachment Stupidman Creates SIG File,Opens Lock

The Internet Adventures Of Stupidman Will Put A Smile On Your Face

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The Top Ten Things I Learned from Mister Rogers

Written by Susan Dunn, M.A.

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6. What a good feeling to feel like this and know thatrepparttar feeling is really mine. Knowing what you feel and living inrepparttar 109465 moment will add much enjoyment to your life. We ARE our feelings, andrepparttar 109466 more we're able to let them into awareness and accept them fully,repparttar 109467 richer our lives will be, andrepparttar 109468 more US we'll be. If you can't experience your sadness, you can't experience your joy. And don't let someone else's feelings get mixed up with yours. Just because your spouse is having a down day doesn't mean you have to. Just because your co-worker hates his job doesn't mean you have to. Know your feelings and know that they're really yours.

7. A girl can some day be a woman, and a boy can some day be a man. Yup!

8. You know, playing atrepparttar 109469 computer's different from watching a television program. You can bring your own ideas to whatever happens onrepparttar 109470 computer, and your ideas are special. So are you! I thinkrepparttar 109471 computer isrepparttar 109472 most wonderful medium for self-expression we've had since crayons and manila paper! I'm watching clients, friends and loved ones blossom and grow throughrepparttar 109473 Internet -- learning new things, making new cyber-friends, trying new things, and extending and enriching their lives. It's a great way to share you, who are special, and your ideas too.

9. Some are fancy onrepparttar 109474 outside/Some are fancy onrepparttar 109475 inside/Everybody's fancy/Everybody's fine/Discovering each one's specialty/Isrepparttar 109476 most important learning. Discover and developrepparttar 109477 ways in which you're special. You'll reach a higher, more consistent level of performance, feel a deeper sense of satisfaction, and be able to share your real gifts withrepparttar 109478 world. (Seerepparttar 109479 Top Ten Reasons Why You Should Focus on Your Strengths at

10. If you've got a plan/Now'srepparttar 109480 time to try it/If you've got an airplane/Fly it/This is justrepparttar 109481 day. When will you start that new career? Ask that woman to marry you? Hug your child? Get online? Haverepparttar 109482 baby you've been wanting? Find work that feeds your passion? Quit drinking? Stop smoking? Write a teacher who meant a lot to you inrepparttar 109483 past? This is justrepparttar 109484 day!

Susan Dunn is a personal and professional growth coach, specializing in emotional intelligence. You can visit her on the web at

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