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But something happened, one night while I was sleeping,repparttar internet was born and I became a dinosaur.

While I was not getting it, everybody else was launching dot coms or working out of their homes for 20 minutes a day while making bazillions of dollars. Even teenagers were getting rich!

Other thanrepparttar 118298 author of Internet Profit Pearls (and he's not sharing), I don't personally know anybody who has been "successful" with internet commerce,but, from whatrepparttar 118299 media tells me it's allrepparttar 118300 people I don't know.

Towardsrepparttar 118301 end ofrepparttar 118302 dot com boom(naturally) I put some money into a "can't miss" "ground floor" opportunity and touted it to friends and relatives. It missed, ended up in repparttar 118303 basement, lostrepparttar 118304 money and friends but at least my family has started returning my calls.

I recently read a book, "Internet Profit Pearls", which belatedly explains what I, my former friends and family did wrong and actually has some helpful suggestions as to how one might make money onrepparttar 118305 internet without spending much money. You can readrepparttar 118306 first few chapters for free and if you wantrepparttar 118307 entire book it will cost you $30. Some ofrepparttar 118308 stuff is a little technical but fortunately my 13 year old son understands it (now if I could find a translator maybe I could understand whatrepparttar 118309 boy said).

The book contains fortysomething affiliate links. Most of these links are free and each createsrepparttar 118310 possibility of an income stream. The affiliate links are spread throughoutrepparttar 118311 book. You can actually get something for nothing.

The part I really liked; after you buyrepparttar 118312 book you can "brand" and resell it and earn about $10 per copy and about another $5 if it gets resold(think I still have some relatives I can talk to).

The writing of this book review came from some strategies in Chapters 4 and 11 and has inspired me to write a series where I,Stupidman,attempt to accomplish some technical tasks suggested inrepparttar 118313 book.

Coming Soon: Stupidman Downloads and Copies a File Stupidman Brands,Sends Email Attachment

The Internet Adventures Of Stupidman Will Put A Smile On Your Face

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Stupidman's funny tutorial describes his experiences learning the basics of his computer as he prepares to build his own website. 16+ sequential articles

The Lion Doesn't Sleep Tonight - A Very Roman Holiday

Written by Laura Fink

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"The catacombs! Yes, I could do it! But what about you andrepparttar others?"

The prisoner shook his head. "We each will serve God in his own way. But you - take this torepparttar 118297 brethern." From within his cloak he drew a small scroll made of some animal skin. "I thought it would have to be destroyed with me, but now it seems that is not so. It's a first generation copy of a letter from our brother Paulus to his friends in this city. Give it torepparttar 118298 others - they will treasure it well!"

Tock tuckedrepparttar 118299 scroll into his shell with reverence. Then, before he could think twice about it, he hopped intorepparttar 118300 slimy pit. Oh,repparttar 118301 stench! At least he had a soft landing. (He tried not to think aboutrepparttar 118302 reason why.) Tock crawled away as fast as his legs would take him. He made mental note to thank George, his personal trainer, for working him so hard onrepparttar 118303 treadmill in recent weeks.

The dark passage twisted and turned. Tock passed through a broken cistern where he was able to wash off most ofrepparttar 118304 muck covering his body. After more wandering inrepparttar 118305 dark, Tock entered a cavernous room dimly lit by sunlight shining through cracks inrepparttar 118306 high ceiling. There were signs that people had been there recently, but not a soul was to be found. Alone and lost, Tock sat down in despair. From within his shell, he pulled outrepparttar 118307 scroll and his laptop. "I wonder how long I've been down here", he muttered. Then, forrepparttar 118308 first time, he noticed thatrepparttar 118309 label onrepparttar 118310 center face in his Clock Trizoner clock read "Italy".

"Of course!" Tock slapped his shell withrepparttar 118311 palm of his hand. He remembered now that he had set one ofrepparttar 118312 three clock faces for Shiverbrook time, one for Eastern Standard (he often phoned his sister in Virginia), and one forrepparttar 118313 corresponding time in Italy (Trik-Tech was sending him there next week on business). He tried to activaterepparttar 118314 Shiverbrook clock face, but it didn't respond. Butrepparttar 118315 clock face labeled "Virginia" was active! With a quiver in his green belly, Tock clicked Apply. Immediately, he felt a buzzing in his head again ("Got to cut back on coffee after 10 p.m.", he thought) and his surroundings began to fade.

"Oh no,repparttar 118316 scroll!" Tock cried. Drat. It would probably sit in that cave for all of history. Nothing to be done about it now.

In every issue of "Just a Minute", join Tockrepparttar 118317 Turtle for an adventure in time and space. No one knows just where or when he'll find himself next, not evenrepparttar 118318 folks at Clock Domain . com!


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