Written by Rhoberta Shaler

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Olympic athletes are remarkable in their ability to focus on what went right and to seerepparttar best in their competition. When they are interviewed they put no one down. Have you noticed that? They speak ofrepparttar 101880 good in their own performances and those of others. We can learn a lot from these young folks. Look where it gets them!

Focusing onrepparttar 101881 good is energy-giving. Remember, gratitude isrepparttar 101882 attitude of altitude. Stand tall and appreciate all.

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Let the Pros Handle It

Written by Myrtis Smith

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Should you hire one? Simply put, if you’re sending out a large number of resumes but not getting any interviews it is time to hire a professional resume writer.

What to look for? Find someone who will spend time interviewing you and helping you decide what to include on your resume. If they simply ask you to fill out a form without a live conversation, find someone else. Also ask about fees up front and be sure you understand what is included.

Headhunter -----------------

What do they do? Headhunters (sometimes called Recruiters) match employment opportunities to available candidates. Headhunters generally have a good knowledge ofrepparttar companies they represent and can pre-screen potential candidates, saving bothrepparttar 101879 employer andrepparttar 101880 job hunter time.

Should you hire one? Using a headhunter is a good idea if you have a very specific skill set that companies may not advertise. Headhunters are also very useful if you are conducting a passive job search and just want to stay aware of openings in your field.

What to look for? The key thing to remember about headhunters is they work forrepparttar 101881 person who pays them (sounds obvious doesn't it?). If a headhunter is being paid byrepparttar 101882 hiring company (and they often are) keep that in mind as you listen to their advice. If you are paying a headhunter, know what you're paying for. Do they charge a flat fee or a percentage of your first year's salary? If you find a job without their help, do you still have to pay repparttar 101883 fee?

Myrtis Smith is the founder of Premeditated Life. At Premeditated Life we have one focus - Your Career. As a career coach I offer a variety of services designed to improve your professional skills, support you in your career goals and transitions, and empower your job search. For a FREE Career Assessment contact us at

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