Written by Doug Krieger

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“. . . a kind of Ten Commandments, a ‘Sermon onrepparttar Mount,’ that provides a guide for human behavior towardrepparttar 142984 environment inrepparttar 142985 next century and beyond . . .repparttar 142986 protection ofrepparttar 142987 Biosphere, asrepparttar 142988 Common Interest of Humanity, must not be subservient torepparttar 142989 rules of state sovereignty, demands ofrepparttar 142990 free market or individual rights” (The Earth Charter: The Green Cross Philosophy).

The religious philosophy behindrepparttar 142991 Green Cross, epitomized in Bishop Swing’s URI, is strongly supported by dissident Catholics like Hans Küng, who like Gorbachev, wish to use government power to create a world utopia by riddingrepparttar 142992 earth of whatrepparttar 142993 Bible terms “The Merchants ofrepparttar 142994 Earth” who clearly represent that “million” mentioned by David C. Korten, whose greed and avarice are Biblically denounced inrepparttar 142995 Almighty’s ultimate judgment upon those who “destroyrepparttar 142996 earth!”

Now, how can I say all this in one breath? It appears that I concur withrepparttar 142997 underlying assumption of both Korten and Gorbachev that somehow we must stoprepparttar 142998 ecological madness imposed upon and corruptingrepparttar 142999 earth. Those who “destroyrepparttar 143000 earth” are naught but conniving exploiters of earth’s resources whose ultimate judgmentrepparttar 143001 Almighty holds in special contempt!

However, embedded withinrepparttar 143002 Global Ethic ofrepparttar 143003 Left is a fervent and repulsive hatred ofrepparttar 143004 Cross of Christ and its defining demarcation against all for which it stands. Indeed, listen torepparttar 143005 beguiling words of Bishop Swing:

“The time comes, though, when common language and a common purpose for all religions and spiritual movements must be discerned and agreed upon. Merely respecting and understanding other religions is not enough . . .repparttar 143006 nature ofrepparttar 143007 United Religious would be to focus on: 1)repparttar 143008 whole human family; 2)repparttar 143009 whole health of our planet; and 3)repparttar 143010 whole realm of living species, and to offerrepparttar 143011 unique gifts of religions . . . there will have to be a godly cease-fire, a temporary truce whererepparttar 143012 absolute exclusive claims of each (religion) will be honored but an agreed upon neutrality will be exercised in terms of proselytizing, condemning, murdering, or dominating. These will not be tolerated inrepparttar 143013 United Religions zone” (A Case Againstrepparttar 143014 URI).

The survivability ofrepparttar 143015 URI or Gorbachev’s International Green Cross is of no concern . . .repparttar 143016 “religious philosophy” behindrepparttar 143017 Left’s efforts is . . . “We can’t afford fundamentalists in a world this small” (Paul Chafee; transcribed by Lee Penn from URI-provided tape of URI forum at Grace Cathedral, San Francisco, held on 2/2/97).


A convergence of political and religious interests fromrepparttar 143018 Left has coalesced aroundrepparttar 143019 Green Cross, juxtaposed to their antithesis: The Religious Right.

Amazing how religion, especiallyrepparttar 143020 Christian religion—its use or lack thereof—is manipulated by Left and Right. While traveling through Kentucky, and throughoutrepparttar 143021 Midwest ofrepparttar 143022 USA, several years back, and shortly after 9/11, I witnessed a most remarkable sight blazoned onrepparttar 143023 double doors of country churches and atop church steeples . . . and, since a picture’s worth a thousand words . . .

Can I ask you . . . has notrepparttar 143024 Cross of Christ been politicized by bothrepparttar 143025 Christian Right and byrepparttar 143026 Religious Left? Come on now . . . just who’s usingrepparttar 143027 Cross for their own agenda? The truth ofrepparttar 143028 matter is altogether clear . . . politics and religion (be it from Left or Right) fully understandsrepparttar 143029 dynamic of religious support for their political agenda and visa versa (i.e., religion realizes its need for political support)).


Former U. S. Senator Alan Cranston was not onlyrepparttar 143030 co-organizer of The World Forum but acted asrepparttar 143031 chairman ofrepparttar 143032 Gorbachev Foundation (the funding mechanism behindrepparttar 143033 International Green Cross).

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Doug is a team members of The Tribulation Network, a group of evangelical Christians committed to alerting the Church and world regarding major news analysis regaring Church and State, Religion and particular, Apostasy and Deception afflicting the Church today.

Family Pride

Written by Pastor Ellen

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But take heart! Jesus knows we all love our families and wantrepparttar best for them. He will enable us to continue loving them yet transfer our first love to Him. How? One step at a time! We shift gears by first saying it; then confirming it with our families; and finally being able to demonstrate it, one situation at a time. It's not a natural thing to say and do. Yet with Jesus: God first, family next, and then church, will become a litany as natural as breathing and eating. Let's give our families to Jesus! He know best, just like Father knows best!

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Pastor Ellen grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area and attended local schools there: Turnbull Elementary, College Park Middle School, San Mateo High School, and Stanford University. She has two masters' degrees from Teachers College Columbia University and San Francisco Theological Seminary.

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