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We believe an idea, a big helping of enthusiasm, together with a great deal of time and effort in implementing it, belief, faith in yourself and persistence (not necessarily in that order) isrepparttar key to marketing success and seeing a vision turn into reality.

That is our ultimate vision and something we at Eagle Productions in association with Bill Rosoman of Nugrow Technologies here in Poverty Bay (oops er sorry, Eastland) and Stefan Van Lingen of Gauteng, South Africa are daily striving towards with all our energies and creative endeavours.

Craig Lock

" Whateverrepparttar 108469 mind can conceive, can be achieved."

- Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

"We can all userepparttar 108470 internet to reach out torepparttar 108471 "global community" and build a better world in this new "Information Revolution" that is upon us. Let's use it wisely, respect our diversity and unique cultures; but celebrate a new world in union. One where, like your founding forefathers in America, you can first celebraterepparttar 108472 Independance Day ofrepparttar 108473 strong burning creative spirit that is within you. If set alight, it is a flame that will burn brightly and make your personal VISION ofrepparttar 108474 future a REALITY...and perhaps even your unique DESTINY."

"Life is about finding, then followingrepparttar 108475 dream... and one's dream/vision comes to reality through believing in yourself, makingrepparttar 108476 commitment and then creating it."

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Written by Polly Hummingbird

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Be sure to keeprepparttar ebook to less than 20 pages long.

The next step is to create a small ad for your ebook. This is a vital part ofrepparttar 108468 promotion, since it must invite a person to initiate a download. Again, if your ad appears to be hokey, it will not be effective for gainingrepparttar 108469 right kind of attention.

Try to includerepparttar 108470 number of pages in your ad, since people might be reluctant to download a large promotional ebook.

Example of a promotional ebook ad:

FREE 8-page ebook! "Products of ABC Online" Download Today (http://...)

Once you have your ebook set up, you can place your ebook ad in many places:

> small pop-up on your homepage > top of your newsletter > email signature > resource box atrepparttar 108471 end of an article > as a gift to tell-a-friend users > inrepparttar 108472 content of your webpages > on other sites > ebook directories


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