THE ELEPHANT ROARED AND BROUGHT FORTH A TURD...A Case Against Democratizing the Middle East

Written by Doug Krieger

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“America will not impose our style of government onrepparttar unwilling. Our goal instead is to help others find their own voice, to attain their own freedom, make their own way” (Rice, in her same speech, quoting from President Bush’s second inaugural address, while prefacing his words with: “We are supportingrepparttar 150094 democratic aspirations of all people.”).

Thus, in one-fell swoop, we witness cultural wiggle room at its height as Arab states commence their march toward freedom and Islamic-style democracy!


“The people of Egypt should be atrepparttar 150095 forefront of this great journey, just as you have led this region throughrepparttar 150096 great journeys ofrepparttar 150097 past” (Again, excerpt fromrepparttar 150098 Rice speech.).

At this point, one must ponder: What Egyptian journey ofrepparttar 150099 past do we contemplate? How aboutrepparttar 150100 slave-driven, pyramid-building, totalitarian civilizations ofrepparttar 150101 Pharaohs?

Of course we Americans intuitively know whatrepparttar 150102 President and Dr. Rice mean (at least we once did) . . . but driving this democratic square peg intorepparttar 150103 black, moon-shaped hole of Islamic civilization may ultimately necessitate Alexanderrepparttar 150104 Great’s resolution of untyingrepparttar 150105 Gordian Knot he encountered atrepparttar 150106 ancient city of Gordium (100 miles west of Ankara, Turkey).

An oracle of Zeus alleged that if anyone could untie this knot, that person would berepparttar 150107 conqueror of all Asia. Of course everyone knows, Alexander (champion ofrepparttar 150108 Ancient West) cheated onrepparttar 150109 oracle by cuttingrepparttar 150110 knot with his sword instead of untying it—notwithstanding,repparttar 150111 avaricious behavior ofrepparttar 150112 god Zeus still gave Alexander Asia!

Even so,repparttar 150113 conclusion ofrepparttar 150114 matter (i.e., incorporating nigh 1,500 years of Islamic civilization into Western thinking and democratic idealism first proclaimed byrepparttar 150115 Greeks) may ultimately necessitate a rather crude Greco-Roman application; simply put: CUT TO THE CHASE!

And, why might this berepparttar 150116 case? Considerrepparttar 150117 utter futility ofrepparttar 150118 West approachingrepparttar 150119 “Islamic Knot” of Asia—let’s just considerrepparttar 150120 “lead” of Egypt toward democratic liberalization:

Nina Shea’s piece on Egyptian democratic ideals tells it bluntly—the Muslim Brotherhood would be swept to power if open elections were held in Egypt:

“Mubarak’s policies have created a situation in which pro-Western democrats like Ramy Lakah are silenced or driven abroad, leavingrepparttar 150121 Muslim Brotherhood asrepparttar 150122 only organized opposition within Egypt. If an open election were held this year, few doubt thatrepparttar 150123 Muslim Brotherhood would win. An Islamist group,repparttar 150124 Brotherhood has won hearts and minds through charitable work and exploited religion to thrive despite ruthless repression against it. It purportedly renounced violence inrepparttar 150125 1970s, but its motto continues to be: ‘Allah is our objective. The Prophet is our leader. Qur’an is our law. Jihad is our way. Dying inrepparttar 150126 way of Allah is our highest hope.’”

And, what of Islamic Brotherhood?

“A social and political movement which started in Egypt in 1928 by Hasan al-Banna forrepparttar 150127 purpose of establishing a pan-Islamic state, transcending all current political and geographic divisions. Like those before him, al-Banna also regardedrepparttar 150128 West as posing a fundamental threat torepparttar 150129 future of Islam. He felt that even worse than military campaigns wererepparttar 150130 attempts to import Western culture and political ideals. The root of Muslim problems was thatrepparttar 150131 Shari’a (Islamic law) had not been implemented - once this was accomplished, everything would be better.” (Taken from: Islamic Extremism)

This isrepparttar 150132 same Muslim Brotherhood that assassinated Anwar Sadat—in spite of Sadat’s attempts to assure them of his Islamic fidelity. Is it any wonder thatrepparttar 150133 Brotherhood continues to call for “a more open and democratic political system in Egypt.”

Tracingrepparttar 150134 so-called hydra-headed monster of Islamic terrorist organizations is notrepparttar 150135 intent of this discussion. One can deliberate for countless hours on this serpentine figure (Please see But, what is of peculiar note is where Secretary Rice delivered this sea-change in American foreign policy: Inrepparttar 150136 heart of Egypt, whererepparttar 150137 Brotherhood and scores of Islamicists recruit insurgents against America’s War on Terror!


Whilerepparttar 150138 U.S. attempts to lightrepparttar 150139 fires of Iraqi liberty and democracy—againstrepparttar 150140 backdrop of rabid Islamic insurgency, London bombings, and ominous threats upon homeland US targets (Including “soft targets inrepparttar 150141 U.S. like movie theaters, restaurants and schools” etc.) (Please see:,repparttar 150142 Iranian people byrepparttar 150143 millions decide it’s time to elect an even more radical regime to pilot their nation throughrepparttar 150144 incursions fromrepparttar 150145 West!

Of course, withrepparttar 150146 election of hardliner and American hostage taker, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad (though vehemently denied by Iranian authorities), at summer’s commencement (2005), how heartening are his initial exploits heard inrepparttar 150147 West:

“Today, we can say that nuclear technology is our right!”

How comforting too, to know that a “Greater Persia”—which encompasses Southern Iraq’s Shiite majority—also awaitsrepparttar 150148 full development ofrepparttar 150149 democratic Islamic Republic’s nuclear program. Some, like Michael Rubin in Forward Magazine, conjecture thatrepparttar 150150 Bush Administration has no coherent policy on Iran regardingrepparttar 150151 spread of “democracy.” Dear Michael—let me disabuse you of such folly! The West, led byrepparttar 150152 Bush Administration, knows precisely how to “democratize” and, ipso facto, diffuserepparttar 150153 Islamic Bomb! If, onrepparttar 150154 other hand, you consider this contrary to “democratic ideals” – live with it.


There is this Western fascination, perpetrated by certain strata of its intelligentsia and fomented by bothrepparttar 150155 progressive and entrenched liberal media, thatrepparttar 150156 vast majority of clear-thinking Moslem leadership, when push comes to shove, is tolerant and merciful; yes, caring souls who long to live in peace with all mankind, especially with folks inrepparttar 150157 West.

Frankly, let’s quit pussy-footing around with discovering a Salman Rushdie here, a Dr. Khalid Duran there, or even a Tashbih Sayyed, President ofrepparttar 150158 Council for Democracy and Tolerance—these rare exceptions dwell inrepparttar 150159 ethereal world ofrepparttar 150160 West’s civilization. What’s happening on Dr. Miller’s ground bespeaksrepparttar 150161 antithesis ofrepparttar 150162 so-called moderate Moslem. (For entire article . . . please go to; includes graphics, links, etc.)

Doug is a member of the "Last Days Network" . . . a group of evangelical pundits providing news and analysis on Religion in Politics.

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