Written by Joseph Tope

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·The ad must provokerepparttar reader to take action or reach a decision that will result in a happy ending. The idea of speedy gratification must be invoked. ·The message must be seamless; that is,repparttar 101175 hard sell must not be too overt. The "hook" must be an integral part ofrepparttar 101176 message but never painfully so. The first law of advertising must be observed: Make certain thatrepparttar 101177 bottom line is reserved strictly forrepparttar 101178 product;repparttar 101179 ad's only reason for being is to showcaserepparttar 101180 product. The ad must ask forrepparttar 101181 sale- but never in a boorish manner. ·The appeal must be pitched to emotion as much as to reason. The "reason factor" is always there to giverepparttar 101182 consumer grounds to conclude that he or she reachedrepparttar 101183 decision to purchase based solely on logic. ·Whilerepparttar 101184 use of imaginative graphics may be desirable in terms of visual attraction, great care must be taken not to become too cutesy in terms of format. ·The ad must exploitrepparttar 101185 electronic medium; it should be readily distinguishable from a print or television ad. E-ads which are evocative ofrepparttar 101186 "hanging out", informal, sometimes-grungy side ofrepparttar 101187 original web are going to have an impact. Formal, polished, Madison Ave.-style ads are to be avoided likerepparttar 101188 plague.

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Customer Preferences in Online Advertising-Part 3 of 3

Written by Karon Thackston

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When you create an advertising piece, especially online, every aspect should reach out and grab your target customer. This meansrepparttar copy (especially),repparttar 101174 design, repparttar 101175 colors,repparttar 101176 photos,repparttar 101177 graphics,repparttar 101178 packaging (if applicable),repparttar 101179 ordering process… absolutely everything.

Segmenting Your Broad Market One trouble that often plaques businesses isrepparttar 101180 fact that their target audience is so broad. If that isrepparttar 101181 case with your company, try segmentingrepparttar 101182 market and appealing to each segment's behavioral traits.

For example: perhaps you're a Real Estate agent. You need a Web site and want to appeal to several segments ofrepparttar 101183 Real Estate market. What can you do to incorporaterepparttar 101184 behavioral traits and other preferences of so many people?

Divide your site into smaller areas specifically targeted to each segment. You might choose to have a link on your home page that says "Need to sell your home? Click here!" In that section you can speak specifically torepparttar 101185 needs and concerns of home sellers. (Who are usually women!)

Another area might be directed toward home buyers. These people want lots and lots of information, including pictures. Be sure to give it to them along with some articles dealing with hiring a moving company, transferring your utilities to a new address and how to prepare children for a new school. Get it? Major decisions require lots of information.

Keep Focused Onrepparttar 101186 Customer Above all, keep focused on your customers and their needs. Resistrepparttar 101187 temptation to use your favorite shade of pink as a primary color in your Web design if your customers are mostly men. Remember that you can choose to include an optional flash presentation within your site if you're dealing mostly with women. And always, always address your target market's concerns and needs with benefit-oriented copy.

By combiningrepparttar 101188 information withinrepparttar 101189 3 parts of this series, you can truly make your online advertising more powerful… and more readily received by your customers.

***The initial survey (about which I have written this commentary) was conducted by Jupiter (, a worldwide authority on Internet commerce.

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