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If we embracerepparttar inevitable, we take control. If we fight it, we lose. No matter how much we whine, cry, or lament, our marriage will not go back torepparttar 123938 honeymoon, and our loved one will not return. Why not takerepparttar 123939 punch out of tragedy by looking at it squarely inrepparttar 123940 eye and makingrepparttar 123941 statement that this is our life, and while we donít call allrepparttar 123942 shots, we can and we will prevail.

As children, someone else isrepparttar 123943 buffer between us and reality. They are there to explain, correct and to pick uprepparttar 123944 pieces. As teenagers, our need for someone else to be there changes and we take on more responsibility. We become accountable for our actions and we sufferrepparttar 123945 consequences or bask inrepparttar 123946 glory. Then comes adulthood -repparttar 123947 time when we are totally in control or should be and we buffer others from what life sends.

Upon our golden years, we have been there and have done all that is required to reach this pivotal point. We were protected, we didrepparttar 123948 protecting, and now we stand ready to step into that part of our life that gives us an opportunity to remember our past, live in our present, and plan for our future.

Wherever we are in lifeís seasons, we should welcome it and learn all we can. We should brush ourselves off and look towardrepparttar 123949 sky. If we just lie there, someone will have to walk over us, around us, or push us aside. They are on their journey in life, and we are inrepparttar 123950 way. When we hitrepparttar 123951 ground because of some unfortunate happenings, rememberrepparttar 123952 old adage - God made dirt, so dirt donít hurt. Take a moment to feel your emotions, take account of your feelings, and look inrepparttar 123953 past for clues, and inrepparttar 123954 future for remedies.

Letís all take a lesson from nature. If you canít fight it, or change it, conquer itrepparttar 123955 best way you can. Stand tall and walk intorepparttar 123956 sunshine. The winds of change will chase awayrepparttar 123957 clouds andrepparttar 123958 sun will shine. We can be ready for that next season, that next storm, that next happening in life. We are who we are, and therefore, we arerepparttar 123959 best at being us. No one can ever even attempt to be who we are, let alone live our life.

When you haverepparttar 123960 chance or opportunity, listen to a loon - you will carry that sound with you forever.

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The Big One is Coming

Written by Cathy Goodwin, Ph.D.

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First and foremost, begin to set up your safety net. See . Userepparttar company's resources to build your skills and network. Pay yourself first, in time as well as money. Spend at least two hours a day onrepparttar 123937 You, Inc. project.

Want time off? Make a plan. Will you take two weeks, two months or two years? Commit to being free. Forget about planning your life purpose or dabbling in business ideas. See imeout.html.

However, even if you absolutely, positively hate your job, expect to feel a let-down when you begin to face empty days. Get yourself tightly scheduled with temporary jobs, appointments, or classes. Stay offrepparttar 123938 couch. Donít' lose momentum.

If you can't get going, or you keep postponing a meeting with a coach, you may be really, truly stuck. See for some suggestions to dig yourself out.

The journey will probably take longer than you anticipate. You will have some bizarre experiences, especially inrepparttar 123939 beginning, but they eventually will be replaced by heart-warming encounters with warm, generous people. You will learn to transform wet blankets into comfort quilts. See

Alongrepparttar 123940 way you will probably stumble on your life purpose, which eluded you while you were reading self-help books onrepparttar 123941 couch.

Keep a journal faithfully. No one can predict where you will be in a year, but you will be able to look back and realize how far you have come. Drop me a line to share your story.

Cathy Goodwin, Ph.D. Author, Career Consultant, Speaker *When Career Freedom Means Business* Career Freedom Ezine: 505-534-4294

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