Written by Patricia Soldati

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7. Doesn’t takerepparttar long view. Reluctant to re-train or take other steps to “wire” yourself for success. Career change is long-term. Bite it off in small chunks. 8. Accepts emotional pain as a way of life. Truly, it doesn’t have to work this way. Loving life isn’t just for weekends. 9. Fails to create financial reserves that can enable change. Try this out -- see how much you can cut expenses and keep, virtually, your same lifestyle. I think you’ll surprise yourself.

10. Thinking you are too old. You are not -- whatever your age. The average age of my client list is 45;repparttar 142890 mean is 48;repparttar 142891 oldest is 57;repparttar 142892 youngest is 36.   Each day, you have a choice about how you want to live your life. Make it one that will give you allrepparttar 142893 peace and fulfillment that you deserve.

Patricia Soldati is a former President & COO of a national finance organization who re-invented her working life in 1999. As a career change specialist, she uses business savvy, coaching skills and “possibility thinking” to guide burned out corporate professionals into soul-satisfying work, safely and smartly. For 5 complimentary Career Change Lessons, visit

Job Search - The Speculative Approach

Written by Stephen Richards

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Next lets look atrepparttar opening paragraph;

It was with interest that I recently found details of your company in a local publication and it occurred to me that my previous experience may be a close match for any positions you may have available now or inrepparttar 142673 near future.

By using language like "with interest that I recently found details of your company" is a subtle compliment and leads them intorepparttar 142674 letter. The rest ofrepparttar 142675 paragraph is a polite way of say "any jobs going?" :-)

The second paragraph isrepparttar 142676 real key paragraph;

"As you can see from my enclosed resume" is an invitation to readrepparttar 142677 resume, in factrepparttar 142678 reader should at this point stop readingrepparttar 142679 letter and start looking atrepparttar 142680 resume, but just in case they don't, it continues to build a desire to readrepparttar 142681 resume....

"my experience with COMPANY NAME as a JOB TITLE would be suited to a similar position within your company." At this point they should be trying to find those key skills in your resume.

Now we come to something called third party credibility. That is to say, we want to suggest that other people think you are good at your job;

"Previous employers have found my skills coupled with my ability to work as part of a team or on my own initiative to be a useful combination."

The wording here is critical, if you say "I am an expert at xyz" then you are blowing your own trumpet, bragging etc, but that does not help anyone believe that it is so. If you imply that someone else thinks you are good at your job then they are much more likely to believe it.

This is a commonly used technique in advertising, for a quick example look at sales pages onrepparttar 142682 internet, most have "testimonials" because you are more likely to believerepparttar 142683 product or service is good if someone else says it is so.

We should never be afraid of using these techniques because they actually work.

The covering letter and resume should be a combination that work together to sell your skills and abilities, they are your sales copy withrepparttar 142684 sole purpose of getting you to an interview.

Therefore to be professional in your approach you need to sellrepparttar 142685 features and benefits that you have to offerrepparttar 142686 company. Horrible idea you are thinking. I agree! But we have to getrepparttar 142687 job done inrepparttar 142688 best way possible and that means selling your skills.


"Should you have any suitable vacancies now or inrepparttar 142689 near future, I would welcomerepparttar 142690 opportunity to discuss my suitability with you."

Is a polite request that you be considered for any up-coming vacancies, if you are lucky they are about to start a recruitment campaign and you can save themrepparttar 142691 trouble and cost. If you are unlucky you may be put on file for a 2 or 3 months, that is not a bad thing inrepparttar 142692 short term.


"I look forward to hearing from you inrepparttar 142693 near future." Is a straight forward request for them to contact you. You could substitute it with:-

"Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact me."

And of course if you are actually looking for a job in sales then you have to prove you are a sales person:-

"I look forward to hearing from you inrepparttar 142694 near future and will call to discuss any forthcoming vacancies with you in a few days time."

How pushy is that? Please don't use that if you are not applying for a sales post. But if you are looking for a sales job it is a good line so long as you follow it up with a phone call to prove you are good at your job.

For most peoplerepparttar 142695 traditional ending is plenty good enough.

So, take some time to run through this again tomorrow after you have had time to think about it, write out a similar letter in your own words and see if you are happier with your own words. But what ever you decide, take action and userepparttar 142696 speculative approach. It really is a very effective tool inrepparttar 142697 job search toolbox.

Leaving the Royal Air Force, Steve worked for a Charity helping the unemployed to find work. Within a few months the two programs he ran were top of the counties league table. Head hunted, Steve lead 7 similar programs, within 6 months they were all in the top 10 - including the number one spot.

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