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A lot of us came here to escape citified life, to lose ourselves in a less populated territory. We strive to balance old traditions with our perceived understanding ofrepparttar world beyondrepparttar 133374 Redwoods. That world is focused onrepparttar 133375 technological age. That world is focused on rapid changes. Along with our desire to remain removed from metropolitan mania,repparttar 133376 fact is that economics factor intorepparttar 133377 equation and we now know that Humboldt County, in order to survive, must jump on boardrepparttar 133378 technology train so that people here will be able to participate in education, economic pursuits . . . .repparttar 133379 American way of life, without having to leave home.

Technology development is absolutely crucial to include in any economic planning. Just as it was unthinkable a century ago to plan for new enterprises without considering electricity, 21st century economies, whether national or village level, must include networked information technology. It is difficult to imagine how a town, county, company, state, region, can compete against, or work effectively with counterparts unless they are networked and much ofrepparttar 133380 populace is conversant withrepparttar 133381 technologies.

It’s been proven that technology changes people's lives. It lessens a person's isolation, businesses large and small can be run from home using a web server and low cost tools and services developed for just such a market, and electronic tools can help bind groups together in order to get a project completed much faster than using onlyrepparttar 133382 phone and postal mail for communication.

Doesn’t it also stand to reason that advanced technology brings new business to Humboldt County, that e-commerce can revitalize “main street” by increasing small business revenue resulting in lower failure rates, that it will make it possible for more young people to return home after college, and that it will transformrepparttar 133383 way we citizens relate to and form our government?

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The Coming Television Revolution

Written by Terry Mitchell

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Several entrants into this market have either already debuted or plan to debut sometime this year. Among those are Akimbo (, DAVETV (, TimeShifTV (, and VCinema ( Please see their respective websites for more details, as each one will offer a slightly different variation of IPTV technology. In addition, a joint venture between TiVo ( and NetFlix ( will be starting up later this year. TiVo plans to eventually makerepparttar entire Netflix DVD library available to its customers on an on-demand basis via a broadband connection to a TiVo box and a TV. Other potential IPTV contenders will be announcing their intentions overrepparttar 133373 next year or two. One of these nascent IPTV services headquartered near my home has already started placing "help wanted" ads in my local newspaper. Withinrepparttar 133374 next 20 years, allrepparttar 133375 fuss over broadcast TV indecency will become irrelevant, as there will be very little other than news and live sporting events on broadcast TV. The major networks will shift most of their entertainment programs to IPTV to avoid allrepparttar 133376 broadcast content restrictions currently being enforced byrepparttar 133377 FCC. Eventually, broadcast TV will cease to exist. Cable and satellite services as we know them will also become extinct. Yes, there will still be cable and satellite platforms, but they, along with DSL and wireless internet services, will exist merely as conduits for bringing broadband internet into homes and offices. There won't be any more cable and satellite TV, per se. The now 60-year-old paradigm of television schedules in which programs air at specific times on specific days ofrepparttar 133378 week will pretty much be a thing ofrepparttar 133379 past. Everything, except what's left of broadcast TV, will be exclusively available on demand via an IPTV platform. These developments in no way mean that all TV programming will become more risqué. While there will be plenty of risqué programming available to those who want it, there will an almost unlimited supply of family and religious programs available. With a veritable smorgasbord of entertainment options at your fingertips, there will be something available for all tastes. IPTV may not turn out to be a TV utopia, but it's at least going to come close that ideal.

Terry Mitchell is a software engineer, freelance writer, and trivia buff from Hopewell, VA. He also serves as a political columnist for American Daily and operates his own website - - on which he posts commentaries on various subjects such as politics, technology, religion, health and well-being, personal finance, and sports. His commentaries offer a unique point of view that is not often found in mainstream media.

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