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Using a WYSIWYG editor does not always mean "newbie" skill set. A great deal ofrepparttar time, it means faster delivery, which means more satisfied clients and quicker profits forrepparttar 138757 designer/developer. I commend people who still want to write from scratch, but with allrepparttar 138758 available tools out there to makerepparttar 138759 process faster and simpler, why bother? If givenrepparttar 138760 choice to either use a horse and buggy or drive a car, which one would you choose if you lived 45 minutes away with only 1 hour to get to your destination? If you think like I do, thenrepparttar 138761 car would be your best choice in order to meet your deadline. Just because you write HTML from scratch does not mean that you will decrease testing time, nor will it make your website perfectrepparttar 138762 first time, but it will keep you from producing a few extra websites. Scenario:

There are 6 website projects and 2 website design companies. One designer will write HTML from scratch andrepparttar 138763 other will use a WYSIWYG editor. The website designer who wrote HTML from scratch finished 2 websites in a year. The designer that usedrepparttar 138764 WYSIWYG editor completedrepparttar 138765 other 4 websites in a year withrepparttar 138766 same quality websites asrepparttar 138767 website designer that wroterepparttar 138768 2 websites from scratch. Who willrepparttar 138769 client choose when more websites need development?

As I stated earlier, it is not all bad to use a WYSIWYG editor if you already know HTML. Personally, I likerepparttar 138770 fast turnaround time that I have now as opposed torepparttar 138771 days when I wrote HTML from scratch. For those of you who like to use WYSIWYG editors, keep it up and don't let anyone turn you around, but make sure you keep up withrepparttar 138772 W3C standards and watch for deprecated code.

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Good Web Design What is it?

Written by Ryan Fyfe

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  • Managing Products Add new and delete/edit existing
  • News/Journals If you wantrepparttar ability to constantly update your site with current news items or journals
  • Page Layout - Some more advanced Content Management systems will all you to manage all aspects of your site fromrepparttar 138620 layout torepparttar 138621 colors!

    Again I stressrepparttar 138622 importance of putting your visitors first. Although you might think it would be cool to have a flashy intro and design, your visitors might find it annoying and distracting.


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    Ryan Fyfe is the owner and operator of Web Design Which is a great web directory and information center on Web Design and related topics like Flash animation and Search Engine Optimization.

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