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Some post signs onrepparttar door: No shirt; No shoes; No Service. There are NO Smoking ordinances they adhere to. Why on earth don't they have a rule that says "DO NOT BLOW YOUR NOSE AT THE TABLE"? I think that should be a rule to enforce atrepparttar 118274 dinner table byrepparttar 118275 proprietor! What makes a person atrepparttar 118276 next table or even several tables over decide to BLOW THEIR NOSE while other patrons are eating is beyond me. Didn't their mother teach them anything? Doesn'trepparttar 118277 restaurant owner care aboutrepparttar 118278 appetite of others? I guess not or there would be a rule or a law. Blowing your nose atrepparttar 118279 dinner table seems far more offensive to me than typing in capital letters! (Permission to reprint this article with this resource box is granted as long as it remains intact. Linda Landry isrepparttar 118280 editor/publisher ofrepparttar 118281 ezine CYBERSHOPNEWS. The current issue is posted on her site @ Brother site is

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My Blood Pressure Was Fine Throughout (The state of the NHS)

Written by Holmes Charnley

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I tried to get some sleep, but, regrettably, there was a bloke in his 90s inrepparttar next bed, named George, from Geordieland (I’m not even going there, don’t worry), in a lot of pain, so, I was kept awake that night, by him shouting: “Let me die! Let me die! Let me die!” Whatever he said, he repeated three times, so, sometimes it wasrepparttar 118273 “let me die” one, but this was augmented with “Get me to heaven x3”, “Hell will do x3”, or, in a complete turnaround, after morphine, again, repeated three times,repparttar 118274 less pressing: “Aaah, that’s heaven.” (Well, he’d got his wish, then.)

Breakfast was servedrepparttar 118275 next morning at seven. I was shattered, very hungry, so was relieved to have two slices of toast, and a cup of tea. After that, my blood pressure was taken (yes, it was fine), and I was told that, later that day, I would have a tube go down into my stomach, to see whatrepparttar 118276 cause may have been. Jesus H! All I wanted was to go home, and get some rest. I felt fine.

Well, throughout this, my sweetheart was great. She’d come overrepparttar 118277 evening before, withrepparttar 118278 kids, and stayed til 10:30, and throughrepparttar 118279 tedium ofrepparttar 118280 next day, she was, once again, there as soon as she could be, so we facedrepparttar 118281 boredom together. We bought a chess set, did some crosswords, and waited. Then a nurse told me that I would be allowed to go home, and come back, as an out-patient, to haverepparttar 118282 stomach scan. This was fantastic news. All I had to do was hang around forrepparttar 118283 ward doctor to just check up on me, then I could go. By 2:30, that afternoon, he still hadn’t seen me, and Tracy had to go, to getrepparttar 118284 kids from school.

Typically, he saw me soon after she had left, where, despite whatrepparttar 118285 nurse had said, I was told I would have to, after all, stay another night, as I might have to wait ages forrepparttar 118286 scan, were I an out-patient. Jesus Christ, this was getting absurd. Never mind, I agreed to all he said, and, carried on reading Ronnie. At leastrepparttar 118287 chapters were becoming less painful to read, due to my being allowed food.

I was all mentally prepared, my hatches battened down for another stint, when, yet another nurse came over to my bed, told me it wasn’t serious after all, and I could, after all, getrepparttar 118288 hell out. Well, for god’s sake, I could have told them all that, over a day before, but there we are, I was given some antacid pills, told to go and see my GP when I got home, and that was that. I had felt finerepparttar 118289 whole time I was there, and all I came away with was some jumped up Andrews Liver Salts.

My blood pressure was fine throughout...

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