Written by Walt Goodridge

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1. Don't Limit Yourself to Just One For All Time As was pointed out before,repparttar passion you decide to pursue may be one of many that you indulge throughout your lifetime. Don't feel that any decision you make today is written in stone, or that you are obligated to pursue this single passion forrepparttar 117861 rest of your life.

2. Don't Limit Yourself To Currently-held Jobs, But Use Them As Clues Did you takerepparttar 117862 job atrepparttar 117863 record store as a way to be close torepparttar 117864 music industry? Is your current gig as host, maitre d' or waitress masking your own passion for starting your own restaurant. Use these jobs as clues to your true passion. Consider them "fact-finding" missions to getrepparttar 117865 experience you need to takerepparttar 117866 next step.

3. Bewarerepparttar 117867 Aptitude Trap I was good in Math and Science, so my high school guidance counselor in school sent me off inrepparttar 117868 direction of my aptitudes. I ended up in a job I hated, doing something I was trained to do, but which provided me no enjoyment. Don't get caught inrepparttar 117869 trap of following your aptitudes. As you read through this book, you'll come across people who are doing things that you could be doing. Sure, you say, I know enough about real estate to help people buy a house. But, keep in mind that your goal is to follow your passion, not just your proficiency. The title of this book is NOT "Turn Your Competency Into Profit."

4. Create Your Own While it's possible to make money selling someone else's product, my advice torepparttar 117870 passion seeker is to focus on creating something of your own. There's greater personal fulfillment as well as more profit in being first inrepparttar 117871 creative totem pole. It's said that you only have to be 10% different fromrepparttar 117872 competition to be perceived as radically innovative. Of course, it's hard to quantify a 10% difference between two slices of pizza. Butrepparttar 117873 point is that many seemingly new products are simplyrepparttar 117874 repackaging of things that exist. It's easier than you think to create your own product.

5. Bewarerepparttar 117875 Gold Rush Bewarerepparttar 117876 "lemming effect" of rushing headlong offrepparttar 117877 side ofrepparttar 117878 cliff simply because everyone else is doing it. There are many new frontiers of business and "flavor ofrepparttar 117879 month" concepts and products that may be lucrative, but have no chance of offering any sustainable interest or passion.

6. Look Closely At Things You Already Do Like Kermit Pembreton, who at age 16, capitalized onrepparttar 117880 fact that he already loved to talk about pro sports, and set up a custom tour package for a single fan, and ended up making $1000 from that one person visiting from out of town. He grew his love of sports into Sports Services of America helping prestigious corporations improve their image by linking with sports figures who would then endorse products or make special appearances. Often, your passion is something indirectly related to something you're already doing.

7. Finding Your Passion inrepparttar 117881 Traditional and Nontraditional Since there are as many passions and ways to express it as there are people inrepparttar 117882 world, many passions don't fit neatly intorepparttar 117883 boxes of traditional job descriptions that exist inrepparttar 117884 corporate environment. However radical your idea is, however, it helps if you can fit it into a larger category. These categories include Writing, Teaching, Consulting, Entertaining, Making Crafts, Designing, Inventing, Cooking, Creating a food Product, Social Work. If it can fit into one of those broad categories, you can then search forrepparttar 117885 information necessary for you to create a business around it. Atrepparttar 117886 same time, not everyone who discovers their passion will find expression of it by jumping out into entrepreneurial waters. As was said in Chapter 1, being an entrepreneur is not a prerequisite for living a life of passion. Many people find passionate fulfillment withinrepparttar 117887 parameters of structured, traditional employment, as long as they are doing something they love. Neither of these courses is better thanrepparttar 117888 other.

8. If The Need Doesn't Exist, Create It Sometimes effective selling is about finding a need and filling it. At other times you'll need to createrepparttar 117889 need, and force people to ask themselves "how could I have survived this long without this?" Who would have guessed that we all needed to have doves released at our weddings? But it's now something I'll consider for mine!

9. Go with your gut If it feels good in your gut, go with it.

10. Don't tellrepparttar 117890 world right away Keeprepparttar 117891 energy of your new idea withinrepparttar 117892 incubator of your mind. Give it time to grow inrepparttar 117893 energy of your commitment before you introduce it torepparttar 117894 world andrepparttar 117895 possible ridicule, judgement and speculation of well- intentioned, but small-minded visionaries.

Walt Goodridge is author of 8 books including Turn Your Passion Into Profit. You can subscribe to his Passion Seekers email newsletter and receive tips, information and advice to help you turn your passion into profit by visiting, or emailing him at

Your Online Business - Keys To Success

Written by Todd W. Winslow

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Keeping The Ball Rolling:

If you think you can put up a web site, place a few free classified ads, and submit your URL to a bunch of search engines, and suddenly be deluged by people rushing to place orders or join your programs, think again! It is possible to make a significant income from a simple web site working part time. However, let me emphasizerepparttar word, "working." Many people start an online business onrepparttar 117860 side, while keeping their regular jobs. That's fine, but this takes commitment, organization, and some hard work.

It's a good idea to make a work schedule, setting aside time to work on your business. Then, divide this time up into segments - marketing and promotion, web site development, search engine ranking and placement, customer service, products and programs, etc. It's okay to be flexible, but mapping out how you spend your time and then keeping that commitment, will make you much more productive, and in turn, much more profitable.

Stay Positive:

Sometimesrepparttar 117861 biggest obstacle to overcome is ourselves. We all read about repparttar 117862 huge profits being made online today, and it's easy to get caught up in repparttar 117863 mind-set that if you're not making millions, your not successful. A good dose of reality often works best at times like these. We need to remember, for most of us, we don't have some venture capitalist putting up three million dollars to help launch our online businesses. Take pride and satisfaction in your accomplishments as you make them. These may be things as simple as getting ranked inrepparttar 117864 top ten listings on a few search engines, or some other positive reflection of your hard work.

It's important to set goals, both long term and short term. Don't go nuts, set reasonable goals. Once you reach one, cross it offrepparttar 117865 list and make a new one. Taking this, "small steps to success," approach, will give you a sense of accomplishment and pride. Let's not forget one very important thing, most people only sit onrepparttar 117866 sidelines and dream of having their own business. You, however, are inrepparttar 117867 game! Even if right now you're not experiencingrepparttar 117868 level of success you had first hoped, you're still doing something most only dream about. Give yourself a pat onrepparttar 117869 back!

Todd W. Winslow is the Executive Vice President of TADD Marketing Group, L.L.C. You can find more helpful information, products, resources, programs and links to help you start and operate a business online by visiting their web site.

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