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support information, etc. It eliminates clutter. You may have more to say than you can justify displaying onscreen. By letting people click on certain points for more details, you keep clutter down, while making your expanded points in a more compelling way. It leverages existing resources. If you have radio ads already produced up, get double duty out of them! There are effective ways to put those right on your site. It encourages return visits. Sites which visitors find more interesting arerepparttar ones that get bookmarked and revisited. Web audio combined with a regular refreshing of your visual content is a way to keep 'em coming back for more. What to do? First, it's important to understand that web audio is best supplied in liquid form. It's what they call "streaming audio." The explanation is simple. Generally, when we download a file from a web site, we must wait for all of it to arrive before we can use it. In that sense, it's rather like a solid block. "Streaming audio," onrepparttar 134689 other hand, trickles to you acrossrepparttar 134690 Internet as you are listening to it. You don't have to wait for it to download. That makes it a quick, practical way to deliver audio overrepparttar 134691 Internet. The last thing you want to force your visitors to have to do is visit a web site somewhere to download an obscure audio player plug-in before they can begin accessing sound on your site, so I generally recommend Real Audio, which isrepparttar 134692 format most widely playable byrepparttar 134693 web browsers currently in use. This will sound self-serving, but I am convincedrepparttar 134694 best way to add audio to your web site is to have someone do it professionally. Just as a company would be mistaken to hire an inexperienced person to design their web site itself, or to lay out a sales brochure, it's equally unwise to attempt to add audio to your own site. There are issues of equipment, acoustics, equalization, encoding, and integration which are far better left to someone who hasrepparttar 134695 skill and experience to do it right. My advice is to check around, listen carefully torepparttar 134696 quality of what each service offers, and consider their degree of experience and expertise. Adding audio to your company's web site lets you stand out fromrepparttar 134697 crowd and get noticed. Unlike allrepparttar 134698 the white-faced, arm-waving, silent clowns onrepparttar 134699 Internet, your company's audio-rich web site demonstrates torepparttar 134700 world that you have something to say and you know how to say it.

Dane Scott is a 23 year veteran voice-over announcer who has recorded TV and radio voice work around the world. He operates a professional production facility where he creates audio for the internet industry. To contact Dane: To check out ""

Top Ten Website Musts

Written by Bonnie Jo Davis

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6. Verify outgoing links.

Check links to other web sites frequently. Nothing is more irritating than find dead links when you're looking for valuable information. Frontpage by Microsoft has a function that will check links automatically.

7. Frequently update your site.

The key to web site traffic is repeat visitors. It is so difficult to snare new visitors that when you get them you want to keep them. The way to do this is to keep your website fresh. You can accomplish this by adding new articles, new links to resources and other items such as daily jokes. Don't forget a good redesign is in order on a periodic basis.

8. Make your navigation structure easy.

This should be a no brainer. Organize your website and navigation structure in a clear, easy to follow manner or visitors will go away and not come back. A table of contents or site index is not only helpful it can also help robots navigate and index other pages in your site.

9. Content, content, content.

Don't drive away your potential customers by only offering products with little to no valuable content. Give visitors a reason to return and return they will and maybe they'll buy something from you. Some popular content offerings include free articles, newsletters, advice columns, horoscopes, national and international news, etc.

10. Give away something for free. You need this in addition to your free articles, etc. onrepparttar website. Give away something that your visitors can keep to remind them to come back to visit your site again and again. An e-mail newsletter is a popular freebie.

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