Written by Karen Fegarty

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2. Use a campaign manager feature to schedule when your email messages will be sent out. You can prepare an entire months' worth of messages and tell repparttar manager which weeks, days, or hours to release them to your list.

3. Take advantage of a POP import feature. It automatically takesrepparttar 109623 email addresses from messages you receive and puts them on your mailing list. This insures no one who requests information from you is left out of your next update. This also helps you grow your list as fast as possible. You can even use a feature that automatically unsubscribes those who ask to be removed from your list. Many companies say this saves them hours of work each week.

4. Make surerepparttar 109624 software you use to send your messages includes a walk-through wizard. You get step-by-step instructions on how to do any task you wish to achieve. Instead of waiting forrepparttar 109625 tech guy to show up, you can speed throughrepparttar 109626 job on your own.

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Email Tips for Coaches

Written by Susan Dunn, M. A.

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7. Coaching is all about your voice. Record a greeting.
Go to pagoo.com and get one for free.

8. Use a tagline that defines you.
Cathy puts "The Idea Lady" (tm). Eddie puts "A Seasoned Professional." Anne has "Decide and Define Yourself." Which one's your kinda coach?

9. Present your client/prospective client with a gift.
One of your distance learning courses -- free or discounted; a link to some useful information; a link to a product from your store they might have missed.

10. Respond as quickly as you can, but takerepparttar time to write well. Both show you care.
The advantage of writing is that there’s time to reflect before you respond. Use it.

11. If you’re not gettingrepparttar 109622 results you want, having a poor conversion rate, or attracting unsuitable prospective clients because you’re not projecting a true image, work with a mentor coach.

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Susan Dunn is a personal and professional development coach who mentors other coaches. Email her for free ezine.

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