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If for a moment you doubtrepparttar need for accentingrepparttar 127284 positives and ignoring anything your visitors might construe as negatives, consider puttingrepparttar 127285 above two sentences about cats on your site. Those who argue thatrepparttar 127286 "real you" in all it's parts should be visible at all times, should also try this.

It matters what we remain true to ourselves. But we must share only positive traits our visitors can relate to. We must accentrepparttar 127287 strengths in our life that enhance our business efforts, and avoid all else.

Utilizing Your New Self

Be professional in all ways. Always be upbeat and positive. No negatives are allowed. Ever. Gorepparttar 127288 extra mile when appropriate. And never ever break promises.

Never misrepresent yourself or your product. Never even exaggerate. In fact if you consistently undersell, you will always over-deliver which of itself assures satisfied customers likely to return for another purchase.

Take honesty to a grand extreme. Never even consider ducking a customer complaint or a request for a refund. Never ever mislead or take advantage of a visitor.

Good news gets about. And news of an honest site will as well. But news of a site perceived as dishonest spreads 10 to 20 times as rapidly. Frankly, few can afford this risk.

Honesty matters even more in what you say on your site. It matters most when seeking to demonstrate expertise. Include only information you know to be so and arguments you know to be sound.

If you haven't gotrepparttar 127289 information or argument needed as you write, say so boldly. Your readers will accept a simple, "I'm not sure here, but it seems ..." If it's a point that matters, go findrepparttar 127290 facts, then rewrite this segment later.

Sure, you'll make mistakes. You'll be flat wrong now and then, despite best efforts. But most will not hold you pinned torepparttar 127291 standard of perfection. A quick admission of error and a simple apology (Sorry, I goofed here.) are quite acceptable to most, provided all else is straight.

However, there is no way at all to "cover" or "apologize" for stated views with which your visitors disagree. You may in fact truly hate kids. But say so on your site, and you'll lose an awful lot of moms and grandmoms. Pops and grandpops, too. There are not a whole lot left when you subtract those who like kids fromrepparttar 127292 general population.

While you may feel you are not being completely honest unless you share all your convictions, your social views are not what your visitors came to your site to discover. Sharerepparttar 127293 expertise they need, do so completely and honestly, then quit while you're ahead.

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"Telling People Anything Is Wasted Effort"

Written by Bob McElwain

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Some Do Get Away With Telling

The media, politicians, and "famous" people are telling us all what to think. Unfortunately many are listening to these sound-bites, and assuming what they hear is "truth." But they are not listening to me in this unqualified manner. Nor will they listen in this way to you.

You must seek to persuade people of your point. Provide informationrepparttar reader can accept or reject. If collectively you sufficiently support your point, you have at least a shot at being believed.

How This Applies To Selling Anything

The rules of selling are changing rapidly. It's truerepparttar 127283 hard-sell, loaded with hype, con, and even lies, continues to work for some. And evenrepparttar 127284 junkiest spam brings profits to a few.

But permission selling is nowrepparttar 127285 mode, particularly onrepparttar 127286 Web. A visitor is invited to freely consider a possible solution to a problem or information that may help. Within these notes, there are invitations to explore a product or service that goes specifically torepparttar 127287 point.

If your visitor accepts a second invitation, then sell. But honestly. Gently. With benefits torepparttar 127288 potential customer. This is a kinder way of doing business. One with which bothrepparttar 127289 seller and customer are comfortable.

Don't Screw It Up

In this way of selling, there is no room at all for telling anybody anything. All is persuasion. We seek to convince our potential customer, one point at a time, that our product or service is exactly what they need. Slip in a "known fact" or "best ever" and you'll blowrepparttar 127290 deal.

If you haverepparttar 127291 power, you may be able to tell people what to do and make it happen. But you are wasting time trying to tell anybody what to believe without backing it up with verifiable information.

Bob McElwain, author of "Your Path To Success." How to build ANY business you want, just the way you want it, with only pocket money.

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