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Do you have an arsenal of weapons to use to drive traffic to your site? Does your site compel visitors to stay, make it easy for them to find what they want and then buy it? Do you have a method of staying in contact with your customers, letting them know of new and exciting changes to your site? Do you know what tools are available to you and which ones will work best for YOUR offer?

If you answered no to ANY of these questions, getrepparttar help you need NOW that will drive traffic to your site, make them stay once they have found you and want to return again and again. Do it now.

EASY AS 1-2-3

FIRST: Know what you are selling and why they should buy it.

SECOND: Know why you are different than others who sellrepparttar 125232 same thing and TELL THEM every time they visit your site.

THIRD: Let your customer know that you will be around forrepparttar 125233 long haul.

AND FINALLY: Find out for what tools are needed to accomplish your goal of driving traffic to your site and HOW YOU CAN DO IT FOR FREE. You MUST haverepparttar 125234 tools to work with.

Turid Andersen knows her topic. She has gone to great lengths to provide you with the FREE TOOLS you need to succeed. Visit her today at http://turideas.com/123.htm and get the tools you need to start or supercharge your Internet business.


Written by Trevor A. Lastoka

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Again, just make sure thatrepparttar prize or prizes are directly related to your business, and to what you want to accomplish.

3. How do I do it?

The general rule of thumb is to 'keep it simple.' Writerepparttar 125231 'rules' first, and post them on your site. Put an entry form on a prominent page, and make sure you include any disclaimers you may need.

Baserepparttar 125232 length of time you'll runrepparttar 125233 contest onrepparttar 125234 value ofrepparttar 125235 prizes -repparttar 125236 more expensiverepparttar 125237 booty,repparttar 125238 longer you can runrepparttar 125239 draw. Decide whetherrepparttar 125240 contest is time-frame based (that is, it will end at midnight on such-and-such date), or base it on a certain number of entrants (for example, "We will only accept 1000 entry forms, so get yours in today!")

Look for an autoresponder that will do a lot ofrepparttar 125241 work for you - it can sendrepparttar 125242 contestant an acknowledgment of their entry, and send you a report atrepparttar 125243 end ofrepparttar 125244 day with those valuable email addresses.

4. How can I promote it?

There are several sites onrepparttar 125245 Internet that exist solely forrepparttar 125246 purpose of promoting YOUR contest. Do a search on 'contest promotion' and see what you come up with. Of course, there's nothing to stop you from promoting it in your ezine, submittingrepparttar 125247 contest pages to search engines, or running local print ads, either. Whatever it takes to get visitors to your site to fill outrepparttar 125248 form!

Good luck building your contest - and get ready for a great way to generate 'pre-qualified' leads for your service or product!

Trevor A. Lastoka runs successful contests for his business on a regular basis. Check out his website for more information, at http://www.tlastoka.com/travel

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