Written by Madhu Kumar

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and hassle free. The I-Ching, book of oracles, is not a gimmick where you can predictrepparttar future, but a personalized advice, which helps you to take charge of your life, makerepparttar 101937 right decisions which will make you come closer to your dreams and to help people around you, avoid distressing mistakes and free you from worry and tension to lead a happy, successful and useful life. It can also make you an I-Ching master, able to accurately predictrepparttar 101938 future, wars, earthquakes, marriages, careers, relationships, love, and even death of people accurately. Renowned Chinese philosopher Confucius once said, "If some years were added to my life, I would devote fifty of them torepparttar 101939 study ofrepparttar 101940 oracle, and might then avoid committing great errors". Evenrepparttar 101941 wisest among us needs help and advice. And advice is just one click away. To know more about I-Ching visit: http://www.AccurateFuturePrediction.com

Madhu Kumar is the webmaster of http://www.AccurateFuturePrediction.com . You will get apt & accurate advice and help from I-Ching for taking decisive decisions, when ever you are in the need of an advisor.

Make Room For Happiness

Written by Kathy Gates

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Where do you start to begin to make room for happiness?

1. Time. How do you spend your time? Is it wasted time, or refreshing time? Are you consciously spending time, or just letting it happen?

2. Environment. What no longer is working for you in your environment? Are there unfinished projects that were important at one time, but no longer intrigue you? When you look around, does your environment make you feel good?

3. Relationships. What relationships are no longer effective to your happiness? Dorepparttar people in your life support you? Are you are proud to introduce them to others?

4. Thinking. Do you talk to yourself like your best friend? Or do you talk to yourself like someone who you despise? Pay attention to how you treat your mind.

5. Work. Do you feel fulfilled and happy about your work? Or do you dread going to work, and just count repparttar 101936 minutes until Fridays?

Once you have maderepparttar 101937 ROOM for success, adding what you really want will give you pleasure and fulfillment. If you try to add it on top of what you already have, it will become just another source of aggravation. First, you must set up your life to support success.

Just as in my den, as I begin to rearrangerepparttar 101938 sofa and chairs,repparttar 101939 rest ofrepparttar 101940 room became easier and easier. So it will be with your life.as you change one part, each will be easier and easier.

Kathy Gates, Professional Life Coach, can help you restructure your life so that it's easier, more fun, and a more genuine expression of who you are. She is the author of an Ebook and several Email Coaching Programs available at www.reallifecoach.com, call 480.998.5843

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