Systematically Flood Your Leads With An Education

Written by John Jantsch

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* Send them an article that discusses some point of interest you know they have

* Drop them a copy of a press release you just sent torepparttar media

* Send them a free report, checklist or tool you know they will appreciate.

Here'srepparttar 148341 key to this storm. Don't ask forrepparttar 148342 order, don't try to get and appointment, don't call. Just keep sending them this perfectly scripted, useful information and watch what happens. I can hear sales trainers all overrepparttar 148343 world moaning aboutrepparttar 148344 subtleness of this approach but there is something very appealing about simply being there, giving great information and waiting, Oh, and there's something very referable about someone who sells this way!

Andrepparttar 148345 best part, It can all be automated (although it won't look like it if done right) while you're out there knocking more doors down.

John Jantsch is a marketing coach and author of Referral Flood. Find out more information at

Managing Your Home Based Online Business 3

Written by Roy Thomsitt

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Management information system sounds very grand, but it need not be. It should just provide you with enough information to make timely and sound decisions, such as when to drop a particular program from your portfolio. I have dropped a number of affiliate programs inrepparttar past because their return, if any, did not justifyrepparttar 148301 amount of time and expense being dedicated to them. I was only able to do that because I had enough information to makerepparttar 148302 decision, sometimes very soon after joining a program.

2. Try to set aside a time each week or month to review your finances. Prepare a monthly profit and loss account coveringrepparttar 148303 whole business to seerepparttar 148304 overall position. Also, try to break that down in a way that helps you seerepparttar 148305 profit and loss of each product or online program which you may be marketing. Use that as a time, but notrepparttar 148306 only time, to consider decisions about increasing activity in, or dropping, a program or product, or to alter their marketing mix..

3. When setting up your expenditure records, consider which costs will be fixed each month, and which are variable. A fixed cost is an overhead such as power for your home office, or your internet and computer expenses. A variable cost is more under your control inrepparttar 148307 short term, for example advertising costs.

4. If your business comprises more than one online program or product, (for illustration A and B) try to allocate as much expenditure as possible to either A or B. This becomes part of your management information. You can use it to see if A and B are profitable. If you cannot allocaterepparttar 148308 expenditure precisely between A and B, use your best guess. If you cannot do so, then consider ifrepparttar 148309 expenditure is really a fixed cost.

5. Ensure your income records keep track of where income has come from. This will be used withrepparttar 148310 expenditure records in 4. to track profitability of different products.

6. If you are dividing your time between A and B, try to jot down each dayrepparttar 148311 time spent on each in particular. This information may one day help you to make an important decision. Time is a limiting factor. You need to make use of it. If your time comes under pressure, there will come a day when you will need to decide how your time is most profitably spent.

You may find some surprising results. I once had an advertising sales business, and my partner and I sold space in 7 specialist magazines. One of them only brought in a few hundred pounds each month, and my partner wondered if we should drop it. When I checked back a year forrepparttar 148312 times spent on that and other magazines,repparttar 148313 one she wanted to drop actually brought inrepparttar 148314 most revenue per hour of all of them. So we keptrepparttar 148315 magazine going, and it later expanded. Without those time records, we would have made a bad decision without ever knowing.

7. Fromrepparttar 148316 start of your business activity, try to formulate a plan and a budget. This will help structure your financial management. Do not worry if your first forecasts are wildly out. As you gain knowledge of your business and its market environment, your forecasts may improve. The important thing is to keep inrepparttar 148317 management way of thinking. That will help you keep your finger onrepparttar 148318 financial pulse. Your business will be more profitable inrepparttar 148319 long run.

8. In conjunction with 7. prepare a cash flow plan and keep it updated. This could be a saviour for your business, and avert unnecessary pressure on yourself later.

The above has only really been an introduction torepparttar 148320 subject of financial management of your home business. You will be doing yourself a great favour if you try to learn bit more each month aboutrepparttar 148321 different elements mentioned.

Roy Thomsitt is the owner of the home online business website,

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