Systematic Poetry Techniques

Written by Steve Gillman

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Calling out for help

While ninety-three christians

Fourteen muslims

And five jews

Drove by

On a sunny afternoon

When You Need Ideas For Poems

1. Look around and write down what you see.

2. Write about anything that you felt today.

3. Ask anyone for a topic and start writing.

4. Use random words, one per line, to create a verse.

The following verse was written in a few minutes using four randomly chosen words:

Our dirty little secret

Our sorrow none can see

Is not

For things we cannot have

But for things we cannot be

Poets can break throughrepparttar worst writers-block, by simply using any "tricks" available to start writing poems. Try it. Even very artificial, or "mechanical" techniques will get your creativity flowing. You'll find more of these poetic techniques in part two.

Steve Gillman has been playing with poetry for thirty years. He and his wife Ana created the game "Deal-A-Poem," which can be accessed for free at:

The Purpose of Custom Writing

Written by Damon Taylor

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The work of custom writers is very similar torepparttar work of artists. You may not notice anything in common; however, if you look closer you’ll discover that a good writer always considers his/her piece of writing as a part of his/her being. Each custom essay that he/she writes is not simply a formal paper with introduction, body and conclusion; it’s, also, a piece of art that demonstrates symbiosis of well-known ideas and fresh spirit.

Writing custom essays cannot be compared to a regular job. Writers do not have to come to office at specific time, develop agenda or perform duties and tasks which are usuallyrepparttar 141498 same every day. Custom writing isrepparttar 141499 process of creation that cannot be limited by strict rules and procedures. Custom writing turns every day into a miracle because you discover new facts and develop new ideas. However, this does not mean that writers feel no responsibility for their product or do not care about delivering their service on time. People who are involved in creative work must have a source of inspiration to impress their readers withrepparttar 141500 results. This simply means that writers who work on custom essays enjoy their freedom which becomesrepparttar 141501 source of inspiration for them. They work as composers who may wake up at 3 a.m. to record new sounds that they’ve heard in their dreams or poets who can stay up till morning organizing their thoughts onrepparttar 141502 piece of paper or artists who may stay in their studio for several days because new ideas overfill them. The philosophy of custom essays involves professionalism and ability to think outsiderepparttar 141503 box. Those two principles emphasizerepparttar 141504 main purpose of custom papers that consists in challengingrepparttar 141505 customers’ mind. Custom essays should not only meet someone’s requirements but, also, enrich readers with innovative ideas and give them some food for thought.

Damon Taylor is a professional custom writer who specializes in such fields of study as arts, literature, history, philosophy and religion. For the last 2 years he has been working in a team, a company which helps students with custom essays of any level. You are always welcome at

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