Swiss Steak Recipes

Written by Hans Dekker

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The first step is to cut your steak into serving sizes, seasonrepparttar steaks withrepparttar 113133 salt, pepper, and garlic powder. Placerepparttar 113134 steak into a baking dish top withrepparttar 113135 onion slice. Now, pourrepparttar 113136 mushrooms and tomato sauce on top. Kind of levelrepparttar 113137 ingredients and bake covered for 1 hours at 350 degrees. This recipe can also be prepared on top ofrepparttar 113138 stove just as easy. Just remember to check on it and be sure thatrepparttar 113139 liquid is not evaporating. You can always add just a bit more tomato sauce or even a small amount of water if needed.

For little bit spicier Swiss steak recipes try this one. You will need round or chuck steak, (tenderizerepparttar 113140 steak first), 15 ounce can of tomato sauce, 1 large onion sliced, 2 tablespoons of vinegar, and 8 ounces of your favorite picante sauce or salsa. Placerepparttar 113141 steak inrepparttar 113142 baking dish, addrepparttar 113143 onion on top and then pour inrepparttar 113144 remainder ofrepparttar 113145 ingredients. Bake at 250 degrees for around 20 minutes.

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Gourmet Foods For Every Occasion

Written by Duane Smith

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5. Seafood - There are lots of seafoods that have been specially prepared as gourmet foods including smoked herring, oysters, shrimp and lobster rolls and bisques. There's lots more in this category too and again you can often get samplers for taste testing in advance.

6. Fish - Some ofrepparttar favorite gourmet fish foods are salmon, tuna, and halibut.

7. Meats - This is one ofrepparttar 113132 largest gourmet categories and lately has become very popular. Entries in this field include ribs, roasts, steaks, and even some dried and cured meats.

8. Poultry - There are any number of gourmet foods prepared with chicken, but duck and turkey is also top favorites for special dishes.

So where can you use gourmet foods? Almost any special occasion is a good time to include gourmet foods, drinks, or desserts onrepparttar 113133 menu. Everything from intimate dinners for two to large social gatherings are all acceptable places to includerepparttar 113134 delicious taste of gourmet foods to help make that occasion truly special and unforgettable.

Thankfully,repparttar 113135 internet makes shopping for gourmet foods quick and easy. There is a large selection available in all ofrepparttar 113136 categories listed above, and when ordered, modern shipping techniques allow you to receive gourmet foods throughrepparttar 113137 mail in short order and in fresh condition. So why not sample a few gourmet foods today and start enjoying some ofrepparttar 113138 finer pleasures of life?

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