Swimming Pool D.I.Y. in 10 Easy Stages

Written by Lee Coleman

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Stage 4

Buildingrepparttar pool structure. When you get torepparttar 140552 stage of putting your pool kit together, pay real attention to all levels and measurements. MEASURE TWICE, DO ONCE, check all dimensions are what they are supposed to be, horizontally, vertically and diagonally. If something doesnít look right, it probably isnít. This bit may take anything from a day to three or four depending onrepparttar 140553 type of kit used and how much concrete is needed to supportrepparttar 140554 structure.

Stage 5

Preparingrepparttar 140555 base. Most D.I.Y. pool kits have liners, most of which be installed on a base of compact sand or, a weak sand and cement screed. A cement base can be smoother than sand and makes for a more professional finish so ask your supplier to see what they recommend. For a sand base, wetrepparttar 140556 sand and use a 45kg compactor or hand garden type roller to flattenrepparttar 140557 base. If concrete is preferred use a semi dry mix, reinforced with metal or fibre, draw a screed rail overrepparttar 140558 surface to make around a 6cm thickness then smooth off with a ďtalocheĒ or board type float.

Stage 6

Preparingrepparttar 140559 pool interior. Some liners need around a 4-5Ē fillet allrepparttar 140560 way aroundrepparttar 140561 base ofrepparttar 140562 pool betweenrepparttar 140563 walls andrepparttar 140564 floor at 45 degrees so that they are less stressed atrepparttar 140565 seams. Checkrepparttar 140566 walls of your pool for any sharp edges and either cover them with duct tape or silicone sealent. Sweeprepparttar 140567 base ofrepparttar 140568 pool if itís a cement base, any holes or digs inrepparttar 140569 base can be covered with a thin layer of just dry cement powder smoothed out. Extra protection forrepparttar 140570 liner can be provided by a felt or foam under lining placed onrepparttar 140571 floor and walls.

Stage 7.

Fitting White Goods. Itís normally at this stage thatrepparttar 140572 skimmers, jets, lights, plumbing and any other fittings needed, are cut and fitted intorepparttar 140573 structure of your pool. Skimmers are usually placed atrepparttar 140574 opposite side torepparttar 140575 inlet jets, take care to measure their positions accurately. Pay attention to all seals and use a suitable sealing compound if required.

TIP: Donít fit an underwater projector facing a house as they can be far too bright at night.

Stage 8. Installingrepparttar 140576 liner. Ensure all fittings are well sealed and check one last time for any sharp edges. Feel all overrepparttar 140577 floor and if a stone or clump of sand can be felt a quick thump from a hammer will get rid of them. Youíll be surprised how largerepparttar 140578 smallest grains can feel when they are under a piece of felt. Try to fit your liner when itís a hot day, unfoldrepparttar 140579 liner and it will become supple enough to get any creases or folds out.

Securerepparttar 140580 liner atrepparttar 140581 top ofrepparttar 140582 pool and placerepparttar 140583 tube of a vacuum cleaner betweenrepparttar 140584 liner and pool wall in a central position. Seal off all other gaps and as you begin to add water, smooth outrepparttar 140585 wrinkles inrepparttar 140586 base ofrepparttar 140587 pool with your feet. Atrepparttar 140588 same time switch onrepparttar 140589 vacuum andrepparttar 140590 liner will sit back againstrepparttar 140591 walls ofrepparttar 140592 pool getting rid of wrinkles and creases.

TIP: Cut your toenails before you start, long nails can puncture a liner easily when itís being installed. Stage 9.

Cuttingrepparttar 140593 liner. If you have to cutrepparttar 140594 liner in a pool forrepparttar 140595 skimmers, jets, roman end or whatever, always fillrepparttar 140596 pool to just belowrepparttar 140597 level ofrepparttar 140598 fitting before cutting it out, this wayrepparttar 140599 liner will already be stretched into position and will not tear. Pay special attention and make absolutely certain of where you need to cutrepparttar 140600 liner. A hole inrepparttar 140601 wrong place at this stage would not be ideal. You can normally clamprepparttar 140602 liner into place around whatever you are fitting, then cut outrepparttar 140603 liner, donít try to cut (by eye) beforerepparttar 140604 liner is in place, no-ones free hand is that good!

Stage 10.

Finishing off. Backfilling any pool is one ofrepparttar 140605 most laborious jobs to do, especially if you donít have a digger at hand. Continue to fillrepparttar 140606 pool and backfill atrepparttar 140607 same time. Some pools will need a backfill of dry sand and cement, others use stone for better drainage or justrepparttar 140608 spoil fromrepparttar 140609 hole, consult your kit supplier.

Connect your pump and filtration system and fit any marjelles (coping) if required. Any stone marjelles (coping) should be fitted using white cement mixed with a water proofing compound such as hydro-fuge.

Thatís it. Your pool is now ready for use, once you have added either salt or chlorine to treatrepparttar 140610 water. Even if you still have to build a terrace you can tasterepparttar 140611 fruits of your labour. Go on dive in!

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Lee is currently residing in the South of France running several successfull business ventures which include swimming pools, spa's, sauna's mini diggers and property maintenance.

Basic Things You Should Know About A Lease Purchase Contract

Written by Amanda Shoemaker

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You must haverepparttar amount ofrepparttar 140471 sales price onrepparttar 140472 contract.

The contract must be signed by allrepparttar 140473 parties involved, or it won't be enforceable.

Keep in mind that minors, drugged persons, mentally unfit etc, cannot sign any contracts. Make sure that allrepparttar 140474 parties involved are competent.

Make sure all parties knowrepparttar 140475 essential details, rights and obligations that are stated inrepparttar 140476 contract.

What exactly is a lease purchase contract?

Lease purchase contracts combinerepparttar 140477 basic lease contract withrepparttar 140478 option to purchase and, during or atrepparttar 140479 end ofrepparttar 140480 lease period, it givesrepparttar 140481 tenant/buyer exclusive right to buyrepparttar 140482 home underrepparttar 140483 terms to which both parties agree inrepparttar 140484 contract. But first,repparttar 140485 tenant/buyer have to payrepparttar 140486 landlord/seller a non-refundable option deposit that is applied torepparttar 140487 purchase price ofrepparttar 140488 home. Then,repparttar 140489 tenant/buyer pays a sum that is typical torepparttar 140490 rental amount and usually, it is done on a monthly basis. A portion of that monthly payment is applied torepparttar 140491 purchase price ofrepparttar 140492 home.

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