Sweet Little Nothings Do Count for Something

Written by Kori Puckett

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Or you could decorate a room in your house with glow-in- the-dark stars onrepparttar ceiling to recreaterepparttar 125500 night outdoors.

* Give them some love coupons so they can request sweet little nothing favors from you whenever they want. Love coupons in themselves are wonderful wedding anniversary gift ideas and you can buy them or make them yourself.

You can probably come up with more ideas. But always remember: Price doesn't matter. Size doesn't matter. Color doesn't matter, unless they have an intense hatred for a particular shade of blue or something ;) The best first wedding anniversary gift idea (or any romantic gift idea) is one that comes fromrepparttar 125501 heart and one that your significant other will truly love.

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Oriental rug exhibition - Pod Blacha Palace, Warzaw

Written by Ivan Soenderholm

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Anatolian, Persian and Turkoman rugs and carpets are also represented. There are exhibited circa 30 Persian rugs, a few Anatolian rugs and 20 Turkoman rugs and carpets. Most ofrepparttar carpets are pile rugs but a few kilims are also exhibited.

Ivan Soenderholm, September 30, 2003

Editor and publisher of Jozan Magazine on Oriental Rugs : Jozan

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