Surviving Website Identity Theft

Written by Greg Scowen

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Rather than risk losing hundreds in takingrepparttar case to court,repparttar 145009 decision was made to stand down and letrepparttar 145010 intruder takerepparttar 145011 name. Yes, you read that right… I counted my blessings and moved on. Andrepparttar 145012 most interesting part? It has been a huge success! Here is what happened.

A new name was created forrepparttar 145013 site. The new name is purely a brand name: ‘Pleppin’. I had turned againstrepparttar 145014 many self-proclaimed SEO experts that say a website should have keywords in its domain name and instead boughtrepparttar 145015 domains and .com. The risk was huge, to try and re-brand an entire site overnight and relaunch without causing a stir or a loss in traffic. Did I mention thatrepparttar 145016 site had over 3500 pages atrepparttar 145017 time? Content is King! All logos were replaced, all references torepparttar 145018 old name was replaced, a page informing visitors ofrepparttar 145019 change in brand and address (with our reasons) was introduced, and a 301 redirect was added making sure that all visitors torepparttar 145020 old site went straight torepparttar 145021 new version. All of this worked wonders, butrepparttar 145022 icing onrepparttar 145023 cake was strategic press releases. The media love a story that goes a little differently, and this was it. New Zealand media quickly picked up onrepparttar 145024 story aboutrepparttar 145025 little guy being ‘pushed around by big boys’ and were intrigued that we had takenrepparttar 145026 decision to stand down and let them have their fun. The following morningrepparttar 145027 release had been printed in New Zealand’s leading newspapers and on over 40 important news websites. Traffic torepparttar 145028 site didn’t dip, but instead tripled within 48 hours and has continued to increase at a faster rate ever since.

The moral ofrepparttar 145029 story? There is a couple: First of all, do not be afraid to break out your new site with a brand name. Pick something catchy and give it a try. After all, a name like ‘Pleppin’ which no-one generally knows what it means, looks a whole lot more professional than a name like ‘New Zealand Focus’. Sorry to all keyword domain name fans, they just don’t look all that professional. Oh, andrepparttar 145030 branding really works. People are starting to remember it and it is even being searched in Google, Yahoo, and MSN now. The second lesson is this: No matter what you have thrown at you, and what obstacles you come across, don’t give up! Use press releases to your advantage, takerepparttar 145031 opportunity to learn new technologies, fine tune your work, and come back bigger and better than ever!

Greg Scowen is the developer of various websites, including the Pleppin New Zealand Tourism Guide ( which successfully bounced back from an incident of website identity theft. In his spare time Greg doesn’t really do much, because he has so little of it.

Message Board Security Problems

Written by T Frady

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If you use a popular message board like phpbb you need to make sure you've always gotrepparttar latest version. The more popular a message board is,repparttar 144805 more hackers are likely to strike. Perhapsrepparttar 144806 familiarity isrepparttar 144807 problem or mayberepparttar 144808 hackers know they can get a lot of bites going after a widely used board. As of this writing,repparttar 144809 most current version of phpbb is 2.0.15. Asrepparttar 144810 phpbb guys are always security conscious they have added to this version a re-authentication to accessrepparttar 144811 administration panel.

Forums are a very important part of a website, but they can berepparttar 144812 downfall if your board script is not updated on a regular basis.

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