Survival of the Fittest--Building Your Business

Written by Livvie Matthews

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Writing articles is not as difficult as it sounds. You don’t have to be a professional writer, just write your article as if you were talking to a person sitting there beside you, one-on-one. Research your subject information and share what you know.

Write short articles around 500-1000 words. Then market your articles in different areas. Post you article on your web site, publish it in your Ezine, Submit your article to other ezines, offer as “free content” to other web sites, and/or compile a series of articles into a “free e-book bonus”.

Networking… Network through message boards, discussion groups and newsgroups. Become part of a question and answer group or get involved in conversations and become known and trusted in your in your field.

This builds your reputation and establishes you as being reliable and trustworthy. Subscribe to and read other peoples ezines of similar interests. Good quality ezines contain a wealth of information and resources.

Ask for help and never stop learning. If you not sure how to do something or have a problem, ask someone. I have “met” some ofrepparttar nicest, most helpful and friendliest people since building my web site, my ezine and writing my booklet “92 Professional Telephone Skills, Tips & Techniques” and this manual.

Setting Goals… Determine your main goal, and make small “mini” goals under that. Then work toward reaching one smaller goal at a time. Setting smaller goals that are attainable make your large goal easier to reached.

When setting your goals, put a date or time limit on them. Having an open-end goal can cause you to loose focus. Do not listen to negative remarks and those who say you can't do it. Set goals you can stick to and reach. The only person stopping you!

With each smaller goal you reach, you will gain confidence and become more excited and focused onrepparttar 117560 next goal. Work at it, never loose faith in yourself and before long you will have reached your main goal!

Organize and Plan Your Time… There is a lot of time and work involved in creating and marketing your business. Writing a schedule will help you with keeping your time organized so that you can get everything done.

Not having a plan can cause you to feel overwhelmed and then you are more likely to become discouraged and give up.

Don’t Be Content To Stay Where You Are… Things are always changing and moving onrepparttar 117561 Internet. Keep on top of things. Continue searching and reading new information.

Remember to do something every day…send an e-mail, write or send out an article, post on a message board, send a letter and booklet to a publication….do something.

As you change and move withrepparttar 117562 Internet and your business grows…be prepared to learn new and exciting skills and techniques alongrepparttar 117563 way to.....Survival ofrepparttar 117564 Fittest!

Livvie Matthews helps individuals and businesses turn their knowledge into great-selling tips booklets. Her products and services include a how-to e-book for creating booklets. Visit or contact Livvie Stop sitting on YOUR gold mine...

There's No Free Lunch!

Written by John Colanzi

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Get some grit.

Stiffen your backbone.

Get out there and take some risks.

Birds of a feather may flock together, butrepparttar brave eagle soars alone.

Find something that will put a spring in your step. Something that makes you want to hop out of bed inrepparttar 117559 morning and start slaying some dragons.

Get fired up.

Even little Tommy Turtle knows if he wants to move forward, he has to stick his neck out.

Forgetrepparttar 117560 free lunch and start sticking your neck out. You may get hit onrepparttar 117561 chin a few times, but you'll know you're alive.

Wishing You Success, John Colanzi Street Smart Marketing http://www.inte

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