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Written by Jimmie Newell

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What if it quite working?

On your return trip, you leave items onrepparttar plane, or in your hotel room, or inrepparttar 146514 rental car. How would you get them back?

If you had an accident away from home, who would you need to get hold of for an insurance claim? Do you have what you need with you to check into a medical facility, or get emergency care?

Careful planning to cover these and other surprise occurrences will help make your road trip a success. In days gone by…it was easy to make all of your travel arrangements through a travel agent, doing so gave you one number to call, one point of contact if something went wrong. Today we haverepparttar 146515 Internet…you log on to your favorite travel site…bring up a saved itinerary from a previous trip, make any changes, push a few buttons…and you are done! The travel site, if you chooserepparttar 146516 option, will even call your cell phone to let you knowrepparttar 146517 status of your flight, while you are on your way torepparttar 146518 airport.

Jim Newell

Jim Newell an on the road sales professional for more than 30 years, publishes a web site at with the mission of bringing resources pertaining sales training, sales tips, travel arrangements, a little humor and much more to one easily accessible site.

Realtors Get Ready To Make More Money For Less Time – Times are changing and so is the industry!

Written by Scott Johnson

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The agent driven industry is here today! Agents truly want an independent status. They want to do their own thing, they want to price their own services, they want to operate their own businesses and they want an opportunity to recruit and override all overrepparttar United States.

Don't Limit Yourself

The traditional real estate agent of today is limited in their income potential to what they can produce themselves, what they can write with their own pen. What is available to agents today is cutting edge because it allows you to build a business that is not dependent on what you can produce on your own but to be able to bring other people onto your team and get commission overrides on your total team production.

Most agents are used to thinking only about their local business. I want to show you a way that will give yourepparttar 146491 opportunity to build beyond your local market by using your contacts in other parts ofrepparttar 146492 country as well.

Once you start reaching out and building this type of team you begin to generate overrides. You can even easily add additional income streams fromrepparttar 146493 mortgage side ofrepparttar 146494 business as well.

As a result, you will enjoy more flexibility than you are experiencing right now. You will be able to plan vacations, attend to family matters, and haverepparttar 146495 peace of mind of a reliable income inrepparttar 146496 future because your income is generated throughrepparttar 146497 performance of team members and not based solely on their personal sales volume. To find more information about agent driven companies ofrepparttar 146498 future are, visitrepparttar 146499 website below:

Scott Johnson is an Author and Speaker. He has written a number of books including The Financial Freedom Course. He has taught in several Jr. Colleges. Scott helps people get down to the nitty gritty on how to become more successful in their life. Visit his Real Estate Resource website

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