Sure-fire Tutorial on Attracting Hoards of Customers with Autoresponders.

Written by Chris Kilian

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As with any marketing strategy, your free course ideas are limited only by your imagination--as long as you keeprepparttar three rules of thumb listed above in mind.

Develop Your Course Once, Teach It Thousands of Times

The best and most cost-effective way to develop and deliver your free online course is to use an autoresponder service that allows you to set up several (five to eight) messages which will be generated automatically to those who sign up forrepparttar 109584 class.

Set up each outgoing message as one "lesson" inrepparttar 109585 course; inrepparttar 109586 first lesson, you might provide a complete overview of what informationrepparttar 109587 course will cover, followed by more specific information in lesson two, and so forth.

Each lesson needs to be no longer than a short article, ranging from 500 to 900 words.

You might also want to include little "assignments" atrepparttar 109588 end of each lesson,encouraging your students to put into actionrepparttar 109589 material covered that day.

As for pacing your course, select an autoresponder service that allows you to preschedulerepparttar 109590 time intervals between lessons.

You can then choose to send a new lesson out each day, every other day, once a week, or whatever.

You only need to develop your course and set uprepparttar 109591 mailing strategy once, and letrepparttar 109592 autoresponder take it from there.

Usingrepparttar 109593 Free Course to Promote Your Business

Keeping in mind that your free online course is a marketing tool, you will of course want to somehow refer your students back to your business Web site.

This means incorporatingrepparttar 109594 additional products or services that you offer, along with your URL, into each and every lesson.

The goal here is to strike a balance between sounding flagrantly self-promotional and being too subtle.

In other words, you do not want to chase off those who have signed up for your free course with a barrage of hype; most of us already see too much advertising daily, and have become desensitized to it.

Atrepparttar 109595 same time, you want your "students" to know where they can find additional information or tools onrepparttar 109596 subject--at *your* site.

You can accomplish this by covering each lesson in greater depth on your site (e.g., "For more information on today's lesson, visit"), including a trip to your URL as part of each day's assignment, or simply posting a brief advertisement for your site atrepparttar 109597 end of each lesson.

If your course-takers feel they have benefited fromrepparttar 109598 free information they have received from you, they will be much more inclined to at least take a look at what else you have to offer.

Many Internet entrepreneurs currently offer free online courses to gain exposure and expand their clientele.

Although developing your own course requires a good deal of effort up front,repparttar 109599 pay-off in terms or increased traffic and sales is tremendous.

Incorporaterepparttar 109600 "teach'em to reach 'em" philosophy into your marketing strategy, and watch your business soar!

Mr Killian is the author behind the Rapid Corp. Find out sure-fire ways to promote your online business at

The Importance of Email - Part 1

Written by Kenneth Carr

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When you send emails, you also want to consider back-end sales. That is, presenting another sales opportunity for a different product. As we both know, it is easier to sell to an existing customer than trying to get a new one. Since you have already paidrepparttar price to acquire this customer, make them offers for other products that they can’t refuse. Be sure not to overdo it though. Time your emails and offers properly and you can get up to a 50% response rate from your existing customers.

So keep in contact with your customers and prospects. Use auto responders (go to for more info) to manage your email replies in a timely manner, and to ensure follow-up is completed. This way you can send one set of emails to customers and another to prospects.

In our next issue we will talk about why you want to send out “Dear John” letters!

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Kenneth Carr isrepparttar 109584 author of “Marketing Today – Results Tomorrow” He has over 19 years of marketing and IT experience & has helped both small businesses and Fortune 1000 businesses with their web presence. Visit his site at or email him at to see how he can assist you. *******************************************************

Kenneth Carr is the author of “Marketing Today – Results Tomorrow” He has over 19 years of marketing and IT experience & has helped both small businesses and Fortune 1000 businesses with their web presence. Visit his site at or email him at to see how he can assist you.

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